Roundup Lawsuit

Pivotal Ruling Issued on Roundup Trial

[:en]A federal judge in San Francisco issued a ruling yesterday that could impact Roundup cases going forward.

What was the ruling?

U.S. District Judge Vince Chhabria approved a request from Bayer AG (who is the parent company of Monsanto who distributes Roundup) to split an upcoming trial into two parts. This ruling affects the next Roundup trial waiting to be heard which is scheduled for February 25th. The counsel for the plaintiff, Edwin Hardeman,will be unable to present evidence that Monsanto “attempted to influence regulators and manipulate public opinion” according to a Reuters article written about the ruling.

What is the significance about the counsel being unable to present certain evidence?

Now that the trial is split in two parts, Hardeman’s attorneys are only able to show evidence relating to the fact that glyphosate was a factor in causing Mr. Hardeman’s cancer during the first phase of trial.

If that claim is found to be true and the trial moves forward, then only in the second part can the evidence be presented regarding Bayer’s liability in causing Mr. Hardeman’s cancer?

What does this mean for other Roundup cases waiting to be heard?

The impact on other Roundup lawsuits remains to be seen. This case is considered to be a bellwether case, along with two others, in which the case is considered to be a test of sorts to see how arguments hold up in a courtroom.

I have been injured due to the use of Roundup. What resources are available to me?

If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with cancer as a result of using Roundup, contact our office at (303)-999-9999 or (303)-835-9342 to schedule a free consultation and speak with one of our highly experienced attorneys. Please also visit our Roundup practice area page here for additional information.[:]

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