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Arizona AG Adds Twist to OxyContin/Opioid Lawsuit

[:en]Arizona’s Attorney General is making a Hail Mary play of sorts to the Supreme Court. Unlike many other states who have filed lawsuits against Purdue Pharma for improper and aggressive marketing tactics of their drug OxyContin they say caused and contributed to the opioid crisis, Arizona’s AG is taking a different approach.

Mr. Brnovich is appealing to the court, asking them to stop the Sackler family who owns Purdue Pharma from transferring funds from the company to members of the Sackler family. 

Company Looting

Mr. Brnovich claims that the Sackler family knows they are on the ropes after being hit with multiple state lawsuits. According to an article posted by, Brnovich is wanting the company to have funds available by the time Arizona’s lawsuit against the company begins which is currently set for sometime in 2021.

Past Settlements

After settling with states back in 2007, Richard Sackler who was president/CEO of Purdue Pharma reportedly sent a memo asking that funds be transferred from the company to members of the Sackler family, in order to insulate themselves during possible future lawsuits. Mr. Brnovich claims “that the transfer of the funds was made with an intent to hinder, delay or defraud present and future creditors or avoid, basically, paying what they knew was going to be owed.”

Multiple Other Lawsuits Over OxyContin to Come

Purdue Pharma recently settled a lawsuit with the state of Oklahoma, but the legal repercussions of the opioid crisis are just getting started. The company faces a multitude of other state lawsuits regarding the marketing tactics and misleading notion of the safety of OxyContin. 

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