Mutiple Crashes Occur in Eagle County

Eagle County

Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) are urging people to take it while driving in the mountains. An article from ABC Denver 7 reports of multiple collisions yesterday January 13, 2020 along I-70 in Eagle County.

Eagle County

The article states that authorities closed down exits near Vail and Dowd Junction briefly to deal with the accidents, however they reopened in the afternoon. However, U.S. 6 heading toward Loveland was still closed at the time of reporting to deal with the situation. 

Poor Conditions

Thanks to a heavy uptick in snow in the mountains, driving conditions have been less than ideal. Eagle River Fire who responded to the crashes were reminding drivers to be aware of poor visibility and slick conditions, especially during evening hours. They also sent out a reminder to be cautious and to slow down and move over for any emergency responders. 

Be Aware

A reporter for ABC Denver 7, Jayson Luber, has noted he regularly sees vehicles hitting first responder cars due to not moving over as per required by law to make room for those attending to crash scenes. In response, first responder vehicles are now parked blocking multiple traffic lanes in order to shield those assisting individuals from oncoming traffic. 

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