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What You Should Definitely Know About Personal Injury Protection Car Insurance

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Motor vehicle accidents have remained a leading cause of death in the US. One might believe that lack of travel during pandemic (in 2020) would have reduced the number of deaths, but surprisingly that hasn’t been the case. Compared with 36,096 accident deaths reported in 2019, the total number of fatalities rose to 38,680 in 2020.

On average, about six million car accidents are reported every year. With these alarming numbers, now is the best time to review your Personal Injury Protection (PIP) car insurance, and maximize your coverage and protection against such mishaps.

Coverage Offered by Personal Injury Protection Insurance

Personal injury protection insurance is also called no-fault insurance. Regardless of who is at fault, this insurance covers the lost salaries, bills, and even funeral costs after a car accident.

The most significant advantage of PIP is that it ensures quick payments. You don’t have to wait to file a lawsuit and bide your time until there is a judgment. PIP is a blessing during those testing times when you need money fast.

An Overview of the Scope of PIP Coverage

  • Medical expense and health insurance deductibles coverage: Even if the driver and passenger don’t have health insurance, PIP covers the medical expense. If you have health insurance, you can use PIP to cover the deductibles (not covered by health insurance) that you would otherwise have to pay out-of-pocket.
  • Coverage of work lost: An injured person cannot go to work straight away. An inability to earn can be a lingering problem that can affect you long after a car crash. But if you have PIP, you don’t have to worry as it compensates for the work loss. In addition, PIP also benefits self-employed people as it covers the cost of hiring temporary workers.
  • Coverage of death and funeral costs:Death is a reality, and it is often too real during car accidents. PIP covers the income lost and even funeral costs. The dependents are already struggling to make sense of the loss. So, any help via timely compensation can be beneficial.
  • Coverage of rehabilitation costs: For those who are injured or handicapped, life can be a struggle even well after the accident. PIP ensures the full coverage of rehabilitation costs till the person gets back on his feet.

Variation in State Laws with Regards to PIP

PIP is essential for your protection and coverage, but it can be a tricky proposition due to the variation in state laws. You need PIP in some states as part of the no-fault car insurance, e.g., Massachusetts, Michigan, and Florida. As the payment won’t come from the insurance of the person causing the accident, PIP becomes crucial.

There are other states where PIP is optional, e.g., Arkansas and Connecticut. But if you have PIP, it becomes that much easier to cover those charges that are not covered by the health insurance.

Take Help from Experts to Clarify Doubts about PIP

If you are going thaThere can be a lot of questions in your mind while opting for PIP. So, when you are in doubt, you should take suggestions from experts.

Having accurate knowledge is crucial if you want to stay on the safer side. Legal experts who know the ins and outs of car accident laws can answer your every query. They can provide you specific guidance depending on your financial standing, state laws and also help you find alternatives to PIP.

If something untoward happens, the specialists will advise you on filing the claim and even sue the guilty party if needed.

At Boesen Law, we cover every base when it comes to car accidents and PIP car insurance. So, get in touch and get the correct information on Personal Injury Protection right away! 

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