Key Evidence Allowed in Roundup Trial

Feb 05, 2019
By Boesen Law
  • A federal judge has allowed certain pieces of evidence considered to be “controversial” to be used in an upcoming trial involving Monsanto’s herbicide product Roundup.

    Controversial Evidence

    The evidence is thought to be disputed by Monsanto due to its portrayal of the company’s supposed attempts to influence scientific studies regarding Roundup. The company claims that this type of evidence will only serve as a distraction to jurors from scientific evidence. However, lawyers for the plaintiff argued that despite having links to corporate misconduct, the evidence is still rooted in scientific research and is able to be used.

    Hope for Hardeman

    This ruling will affect the case of Edwin Hardeman’s upcoming trial, set to begin its first phase on February 25th (read more about his case here), and two other cases that have yet to be heard.

    A Key Factor

    Lawyers for the plaintiff consider the evidence of Monsanto’s influence as a cornerstone to their argument about Roundup’s safety and was a key part in the $289 million dollar verdict awarded to groundskeeper Dewayne Johnson last year (get more details on his case here). Monsanto has indicated they will appeal Dewayne Johnson’s case verdict.

    Injured by Roundup?

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