Bicyclist Awarded $52 Million Dollars in Landmark Case

Feb 19, 2019
  • A bicyclist who was paralyzed from the waist down after being struck by two cars has been awarded $52 million dollars, which is one of the largest Personal Injury verdicts ever issued in Colorado.

    How did the accident occur?

    From an article written by the Denver Post, the bicyclist Gary Suydam, had just gone through Wadsworth Boulevard with a green light. A driver, Chelsea Brewer working for the company Labor Finders (aka LFI Fort Pierce), turned left from the opposite direction hitting Mr. Suydam and knocking him off of his bicycle. Almost immediately after a second driver, Stephen Tecmire, took the same path as Brewer and ran over Mr. Suydam’s head with one of his tires causing him to be dragged by the car. Mr. Tecmire was noted in police reports as having stopped after the accident occurred, but then later left the scene. He stated that he did not know that any accident had taken place.

    Who was the lawsuit filed against?

    Mr. Suydam and his wife ended up bringing a lawsuit against LFI Fort Pierce and Chelsea Brewer. Representation for Mr. Suydam argued that due to the company Ms. Brewer worked for at the time, they prioritized her bringing herself and other employees back to the office with a signed work order in order to receive payment.

    How long did it take to reach a verdict?

    After only three hours of deliberation, the jury decided on $15.7 million dollars to help with Mr. Suydam’s medical bills and other expenses as a result of the accident. They also decided to award him $32.8 million dollars in what they called “physical impairment” damages. The second driver in the crash, Mr. Tecmire was sentenced to 5 years in prison as a result of the accident and was assigned 10 percent of the responsibility by the jury, although he will not be responsible for payment as a result according to Mr. Suydam’s representation.

    What happens next?

    Mr. Suydam’s attorney says he expects to see an appeal of the case, but as of this post an appeal has yet to be filed.

    I have been injured in a serious motor vehicle accident. What resources are available to me?

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