Boesen Barks!

Mar 29, 2021
  • This week will kick off our segment Boesen Barks! We have the pleasure of interviewing Lobo, a recent rescue for our receptionist, Marie! Here is what Lobo had to say:

    Lobo, you look very distinct. What kind of dog are you?

    I am a Labrador/Weimaraner mix!

    How old are you?

    I am 2 years old! My birthday is 07/10. I would love to celebrate with some dog-friendly ice cream.

    Do you have a favorite food?

    Yes. All food! Right now, I really am enjoying steak and chicken. My family spoils me!

    What about a favorite toy?

    My favorite toy is this stuffed animal that my family has to hide from me. They hide my toy because I have gotten used to ripping holes into him due to my fascination with tug of war! I also have another favorite toy, my tennis ball. I am good at getting the ball. Giving the ball back? That is another situation. I want my family to throw the ball but keep the ball in my mouth. See the issue?

    Do you actually like going to the dog park?

    Honestly? Not really. I enjoy lounging around at home but if I have to go to the park, I would rather be the only dog there. I just like my space!

    Are you enjoying answering these questions?

    Sure! But I am wondering if I could possibly get a treat for sitting this long. I like chicken jerky.

    If you could wake up tomorrow able to perform any trick, what would it be?

    I would like to be able to speak! So I can tell my family what I want when I want. And to tell my mom I love her. She’s the best.

    If you could meet any famous dog, which one would it be?

    Goofy! Or Pluto. Both are great. I would smile soooooooo big! My family loves my smile.

    If I were a dog, do you think we’d be friends?

    Sure! But wait, you’re not a dog? All this time I thought you were! Just a funny-looking one.

    What do we, here in the office, do that you like the most?

    I always get treats when I’m here! And lots of lovings and scratches. My family does the same at home so it feels like I am at home here too!

    Who is your favorite person?

    You are! And my mom, the rest of the family, the people in the office, the mailman, my bird sibling, the person who just walked by the house the other day….

    How would you describe your perfect day?

    I would describe my perfect day to start off waking up on my mom’s bed, eating a big breakfast, and snuggling all day with her. Then dinner of course and I also eat some of her dinner too. So, every day is my perfect day!

    If you had a job, what would it be?

    I do have a job! Professional sniffer and digger. Someone has to do it!

    Where did all the socks go, Lobo?

    I dunno. All I can say is that my job as a professional digger requires me to hide many things. Socks are one of them. Socks are evil, don’t you know?

    Okay Lobo, last question. Who’s a good boy?!

    I am! I’m a good boy! Can I get a treat now?

    If any humans out there need someone they can trust, give Boesen Law a call at . Until next time!