Boulder County Joins Federal Lawsuit Against JUUL

Dec 17, 2019
  • Boulder County is joining a federal lawsuit against e-cigarette company JUUL, the Boulder Daily Camera reports.

    Misleading and Affecting Youth

    According to the article, the county is joining the multi-district litigation (or MDL) lawsuit against the company which brings together both individual and state claims under one suit. The suit revolves around the claim that the marketing practices JUUL used were made to appeal to and target teens and youth and has contributed to the nationwide epidemic of teen vaping.

    Vaping A Big Hit in Boulder

    Boulder County has said they have seen a big rise in teen and youth vaping around the area. The board of commissioners for the county released a statement that “as community leaders, we feel it is essential to take a stand against JUUL’s practices of promoting the use of their tobacco products to young people in our community.”

    The city council has also taken steps to help curb vaping in the community. Flavored vape and nicotine products are now banned, and the age to buy vape and or nicotine products has been raised to 21. Other cities such as Louisville and Broomfield have also raised the age to purchase these products to 21.

    According to survey results from Healthy Kids Colorado, Colorado teens about double the national average for teen vaping use at a big 26.2% compared to the national average of 13.2%.

    Vaping Illness

    Many cases are being reported of youth suddenly coming down with serious health problems, especially lung issues, as a result of vaping and e-cigarette use. Over 1,000 cases have been made known to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and at least 34 deaths have occurred as a result.

    Injured by a JUUL or Vape Product?

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