Email Exchange shows Purdue Pharma’s Negative Outlook

May 07, 2019
  • More evidence has come to light showcasing the negative attitude that the Sackler family demonstrated towards those struggling with opioid abuse.

    Email Tells All

    In Connecticut state court where a case has been brought against Purdue Pharma by the state attorney general over claims that the company chose to boost sales of their strong prescription painkiller OxyCotin, while downplaying concerns of its addictive qualities.

    According to an article from ABC News, new evidence was shown in the form of an email exchange in 2001 from then CEO Richard Sackler, who made comments about those who had begun to abuse the prescription drug stating that they were in fact “victimizers” and not victims.

    A Growing Trend

    Since December 2018, multiple states have filed lawsuits against the pharmaceutical company. Just recently the company reached a $270 million dollar settlement agreement with the state of Oklahoma (read more about that deal here).

    An Uncaring Attitude

    This is not the first time Purdue Pharma has found itself in hot water over their comments regarding the opioid epidemic. In another lawsuit with the state of Massachusetts, emails from the company were also used as evidence to showcase how the company chose to pursue profits and continued to market the drug, even in the light of growing evidence of abuse by individuals.

    Injured by OxyCotin?

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