Explosion near Firestone caused by oil tank battery

May 26, 2017
  • Local officials in Weld County are investigating the cause of an explosion in Mead, not far from the fatal explosion that claimed two lives in Firestone earlier this year.

    An oil tank battery owned by Anadarko may have been being maintained when it suddenly caught flame and created an explosion sometime after 3:00 pm. The oil tank battery was located about 4 miles north of the home that exploded on Twilight Avenue in Firestone, Colorado.

    A local resident, Ken Millet, said “It was like two bombs going off back to back and just the house shook and the windows,” he said. “All these homes out here are brick so it takes quite a bit to make ’em move.”

    As a result of the explosion, 1 worker was fatally injured and 3 others were transported to the North Colorado Medical Center for burn treatment with critical injures, a public post on Mountain View Fire Rescue states.

    No evacuations of the area have been announced at this time. Locals who are interested in staying up to date on possible evacuations should reference Mountain View Fire Rescue

    Due to the ongoing investigation, officials are not at liberty to discuss further details and will not clarify if both explosions are related.

    If you would are located in the Oak Meadows community and would like to speak to an attorney about possible representation, please contact Jon C. Boesen at (303) 999-9999.