FDA Finds Numerous Health Complaints Against JUUL

Jan 13, 2020
  • Popular vape/e-cigarette company JUUL is finding numerous health complaints by customers are coming to light thanks to a report by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

    FDA Finds Complaints

    An internal memo notes that over 2,000 complaints of negative effects as a result of using JUUL products were made in the first three years of the company being in operation. A spokesman for the company gave a response claiming that the overall number of complaints is very low compared to the number of consumers. The FDA discovered the data while reviewing the company’s database during a check back in September of 2018.

    Range of Symptoms

    The problems individuals are claiming as a result of using JUUL vape products involve discomfort or soreness in the mouth, chills, fever and chills to note a few. One woman noted that using the product caused her throat to bleed and sought medical attention. She was diagnosed with a burned throat as a result.

    Issues with individuals having the nicotine leak into their mouths while using the product is also a problem. These amount for about 12 percent of total complaints by consumers. Some individuals report feeling sick after unintentionally consuming the liquid.

    Questions Remain

    As vaping continues to become more and more popular, there are still concerns over the safety of the products. This is especially important with how vaping has become widespread with youth and teens. Health officials are continuing to question how the liquid used in vape products impacts an individual’s long term health, in light of the vaping illness that swept the nation.

    Injured by a JUUL Vape product?

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