Going Digital: Case Management Software and Law

Mar 22, 2019
  • When imagining a law firm one might think of a large maze of offices, coffee brewing in the breakroom, and file cabinets filled with various client files and papers. While some of this is true, technology has definitely taken shape in our law firm. We’ve recently switched over to a digital case management software in our bid to go paperless and secure our client’s sensitive information. Read on to find out why going digital is the way of the future and how it benefits our clients.

    Everything is Kept in One Spot

    Having centralized access to all files allows our office to be more organized and prepared. Whether a team member is away for the day or at a courthouse, our system allows us access to your case wherever there is internet connection. Furthermore, it allows a more collaborative nature to take place with everyone who needs access to the file being able to work on it in one single place.

    Data Privacy

    Our firm takes handling of client data very seriously. Fortunately, our case management system comes with a security certification that offers protection for e-mail messages, ensures identities of computers accessing the software, as well as prevention of alteration of software after publishing. Later this year our firm will begin using our software to send faxes, which are encrypted allowing for an extra layer of protection for your data.

    How does it benefit our clients?

    Our system allows us to keep accurate notes, assign immediate tasks, and keep data secure. By keeping data in a location, we are better able to help our clients with their needs instead of searching endlessly for documents or records.