Man Killed in Back Country Avalanche

Mar 11, 2019
  • An employee working for a backcountry skiing company died last Thursday after getting caught in an avalanche.

    Where did the avalanche occur?

    The avalanche occurred a little before 2 p.m. in Jones Pass according to an article by The Denver Channel – ABC 7.

    What are the factors that led to the cause of the avalanche?

    At this time no direct factors were noted that caused the incident, however, the area has experienced very heavy snowfall as of late which has led to multiple roads, ski areas, and pass closures due to the high risk of more avalanches.

    Who reported the avalanche?

    The company that the employee worked for, Powder Addiction, notified emergency services about the avalanche. The employee was eventually able to be freed from the snow, however, they were eventually pronounced dead at the hospital. The person was later identified to be Hans Berg of Empire, Colorado.

    I have been injured in a skiing accident. What options are available to me?

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