New Takata Airbag Defect Prompts New Recall

Dec 12, 2019
  • Airbag manufacturer Takata has recently discovered another issue with their already problematic airbags, prompting another recall impacting 1.4 million vehicles.

    New Problem

    The newest issue with the airbags also involves existing issues with the airbags, where they are prone to exploding causing metal pieces and other parts of the airbag to hit and potentially seriously injure or kill the driver.

    According to an article by CNN Business, 41.6 million vehicles have already been recalled due to the problems with the airbags.

    The Takata airbag recall is already known to be the largest recall in automobile history.

    Wide Impact

    Many makes of cars have been affected by the recall, including Ford, Honda, and even the luxury car brand Ferrari.

    The recalls also forced the company to file for bankruptcy as a result in 2017. The recall has also had an impact globally, with the Australian government reporting that at least 29 deaths have occurred as a result of Takata airbags.

    Injured by a Takata Airbag?

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