Winter Driving Tips

Oct 14, 2015
  • A report from NOAA claims there is currently a 95% chance that a powerful El Nino storm will impact us throughout the winter 2015-2016 and will gradually diminish through spring 2016.

    We’d like to share some Winter Driving Tips and Tricks for what Meteorologists across Colorado are predicting to be a heavier-than-normal snow season.

    • Make sure you have a solid insurance policy. You may want to consider purchasing UM/UIM insurance. If you aren’t sure what UM/UIM insurance is, click here for more information.
    • Be prepared in case of an emergency. This includes having a winter safety kit in your car. You should also have something to write with. At Boesen Law, we recommend carrying our “Auto Accident Kit” in your glove box.
    • Winterize your automobile. recommends some of the following tips:
    • Get snow tires for more cautious driving
    • Check your tire pressure
    • Maintain/Replace windshield wipers
    • Upgrade windshield wiper fluid to one with de-icing components
    • Check your car battery. The cold can deplete the power up to 50%
    • Make sure Antifreeze is 50% water and 50% coolant
    • Ensure heating and defrost systems are working correctly
    • Practice cautious driving. You should keep a safe distance between cars in winter conditions. Keeping a safe distance between yourself and other cars may prevent sudden braking which can cause an accident. Another safety tip is to drive at a steady pace and avoid sudden speed increases. Winter weather can cause black ice which is nearly impossible to detect but by going at a cautious speed, you may avoid causing an accident.

    Should you be involved in a serious auto accident during winter weather, you may experience difficulty receiving help through emergency services due to an “Accident Alert”. During an Accident Alert, weather conditions can cause a large volume of accidents. According to, Troopers or Police Officers will only respond if the following conditions exist:

    • Vehicles are disabled due to damage
    • An accident involves a fatality or an injury requiring medical attention
    • Alcohol and or drugs are involved
    • The accident is an alleged hit and run
    • There is damage to property, other than wildlife (example – highway sign, traffic sign)
    • Any property damage accident in which the reporting party is not or has not had contact with the other driver(s)

    If the accident doesn’t meet the above guidelines you must exchange information with the other driver such as their full name, driver’s license number, insurance policy information, and their phone number. Document photos of the scene, your car, and the other driver’s car.

    It’s also highly recommended you file an accident report online or at a local police station where the accident occurred, Aurora for example. You may also need to call your own Auto Insurance Company to notify them of the accident.

    Lastly, you should also seek a physician’s medical evaluation after any crash. There are many times when someone has been injured in a crash and doesn’t feel pain until down the road. An evaluation from a physician can provide you with critical documentation in the unfortunate circumstance that you are injured and need legal assistance.

    For any questions about these Winter Driving Tips or to speak to a Colorado Snow Accident Lawyer at Boesen Law, call us at (303) 999-9999. Remember, the consultation is always free.