Winter Weather Frustrates Morning Commuters

Feb 06, 2019
  • Winter weather threw Denver’s morning commute into a snarl today, causing an uptick in car accidents.

    Icy and Slippery

    Yesterday’s snow storm made its way into town with overnight freezing temperatures. This left roads icy and slick. Denver Police Department reported on Twitter that they had responded to a total of 182 crashes yesterday and had already started today with 17 incidents, according to an article by CBS Channel 4 News.

    Continuing to Crash

    By the time the morning ended, police had responded to 57 incidents in total. This made the original 17 crashes seem pale in comparison.

    Take It SLOW

    Due to the nature of the roads, please be sure to use safe driving tactics (see our blog post for winter driving tips here).

    Injured in an Accident?

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