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Business & Commercial Litigation Attorneys in Denver and Aurora, CO

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Business & Commercial Litigation Attorneys in Denver and Aurora, CO

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Have you lost out in a business deal? Or are you tangled up in a contract dispute? The highly trained professionals at Boesen Law help you set things straight and get you back on track. Our attorneys have helped thousands of defendants and plaintiffs in claiming suitable compensation for civil conspiracy, fraud, theft of trade secrets, violation of fiduciary duty, and contract related disputes.

We have assisted many individuals and companies in working out contract disputes. Economic losses may arise from a failure to perform an agreement. A manufacturer may cut off distribution and interfere with your territorial or exclusive rights. A high volume seller may utilize deceptive trade practices to wrongfully deprive you of access to markets. 

An insurance carrier may unfairly restrict applicable coverage to deprive you of reasonable expectations under the bargain. A commercial landlord may arbitrarily interfere with your right to sublet premises and take advantage of market conditions. A seller of goods and services may fraudulently conceal material information to mislead you into entering into disadvantageous transactions.

We have years of experience in helping people achieve the essence of commercial bargains. We have represented numerous people to help them deal with these and other commercial issues.

The economics of business litigation are challenging. The American rule on litigation does not permit a winning party to recover legal expenses from the opponent. Contracts and statutory claims can change that rule. Understanding economics and anticipating inefficiencies of lawsuits are important to prudent legal representation.

Protect Your Rights and Your Bottom Line

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As a business owner, you know how naive trusting someone solely on the basis of their word can be. But in modern times, speech is not the only thing that people breach. Even after going through a proper paperwork, some partners or employees may find a way to manipulate the terms and take advantage of the situation.

Boesen Law Denver business lawyers aim to help claim what’s rightfully yours and increase your chances of winning when it comes to litigation.

We represent clients for:

  • Breach of contract (vendors, sub-contractors, employees, customers)
  • Employee disputes
  • Property tax disputes (valuation, classification)
  • Partnership disputes or dissolution
  • OSHA and MSHA citations
  • Real estate disputes
  • Antitrust matters

Breach of Contract and Interference with Contract

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For breaches that arise out of oral or written agreements, Denver litigation attorneys at Boesen Law help assess your claims and prepare a defense that is as powerful as the truth itself.

Breach of Fiduciary Duty

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Breach of fiduciary duty is when someone, who is responsible to act in the interest of another person, fails to do so. Denver business litigation attorneys have resolved more of these cases than any law firm currently serving the state of Colorado.

Civil Conspiracy

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If you feel like your hard-run business is being hampered by a group of people through an unlawful act, you may want to call upon the best commercial litigation attorneys in Denver to help you protect your business integrity.

Civil Theft & Fraud

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A civil litigation attorney can greatly help when a person who is not authorized, exercises control over anything valuable by threat.

Colorado Consumer Protection Act

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Colorado Consumer Protection Act is in place to punish any business or firm that engages in deceptive trade practices that are not in interest of general public. If you are facing any such situation, call a civil litigation lawyer Denver immediately.

Construction Law

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Boesen Law dedicates a large portion of our practice to construction law. Denver business lawyers possess extensive knowledge in all the nuances related to the technical and non-technical aspects of the construction industry.

Trade Secrets

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A trade secret litigation can be filed by any Denver business lawyer when anything created or acquired by someone is of competitive advantage and was kept a secret by the owner.

Denver Business Litigation Lawyer

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We understand how risky any business can be, and though we cannot make sure who you shake hands with will be honest, our commercial litigation attorneys make their best effort for settling those business disagreements.

Get yourself a commercial litigation attorney today. Call us and ask for a free quote.

Boesen Law Firm houses professional Denver litigation attorneys who have acquired their skills through years of practice and securing maximum wins. We possess the advantage of being an aggressive and effective law firm, where all of the attorneys draw expertise from their deep-rooted specialties and put the best defence forward to ensure you to best possible outcome.

If you have been cheated on in a business, or simply seek compliance for the breach of duties, Boesen Law is here to bring back the ‘fair’ to the game. Call us today get a free quote and discuss your requirement in detail.

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Jon C. Boesen

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Jon C. Boesen is the founder of Boesen Law, LLC. Mr. Boesen has 29 years of experience and practices in civil litigation, where he has represented thousands of people in all kinds of litigation, including jury trials, workers’ compensation hearings and social security disability hearings.

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