Client Testimonials

Above and Beyond

I have heard all the jokes about lawyers and have personally never felt much affinity for the profession. That is until we worked with BOESEN LAW. Any lawyer we may work with from this point on will have an EXTREMELY high bar to meet as a result of our association with this firm.
We had the privilege of working with Jon, who did an amazing job of convincing the parties involved that it would be in their best interest to settle with us, He was with us every step of the way..
From the very beginning of our association with Jon, he knew our case would not result insignificant income for his firm. It might buy not much more than a really nice dinner somewhere, yet he took our case anyway.
He was friendly, kind, compassionate, and had answers for every question we asked. We did all the things he recommended we do, and we came out with a nice settlement from both my husband’s former employer and the workers compensation group.
My husband had sustained a difficult on the job shoulder injury in December of 2014, and even after two surgeries over a two year period, had very little relief from the injury Although the workman’s compensation folks were very nice, there was a limit on what they could do. After two years they told us we had reached the maximum we were eligible to receive for his injury.
That was NOT welcome news because he could still not return to his old job due to this injury, and there really wasn’t much else he could do in terms of employment with the limits this injury had caused.
Jon went above and beyond in also getting us assistance in filing for Social Security Disability. While I have heard lots of folks say “you’ll never get it on your first submission”, we did just that. We are so grateful to Jon Boesen and the office staff at Boesen Law.
If you need a firm to assist you with a personal injury case, THIS is the group you will want on your team. You will NOT regret it!! – Debby


Boesen Law is exemplary in providing sound and reliable legal advice, excellent customer service, and respect for the clients they serve. I am confident that my legal matter will be resolved in my favor due to the legal expertise demonstrated by Jon Boesen. – D.B.

Help at a time of crisis

I would recommend Boesen Law to anyone that needs a serious solution to an overwhelming situation. I had just walked out of a head on car collision with extensive injuries, and Steve took over the stress of getting my bills paid. The other motorist was under insured and I had challenges all along the way, but Steve and Boesen Law never gave up on me and my case. They were able to guide me through a process I could have never gone through alone. Because Steve knew exactly what I was entitled to by law, I was awarded way more money for my claim than I ever would have been able to secure on my own. The first thing I tell family or friends that have been in an accident is to get an attorney right away, and if they live within driving distance of Denver, I tell them they should call Boesen Law. – Sarah

Workman’s Comp Case

Jon was thorough and very pleasant to work with. We very much appreciated his expertise and explanation of legal documents we had received. Initially, we did not think our case required representation. As things drug on it became apparent that we needed help. Not to get more money from the insurer but just to protect our livelihood and years of investment into a career. The situation had been stressful and confusing (not even taking into account the physical injury that occurred). Jon was responsive by email and phone; we felt well represented and appreciated his honesty. He told us what to expect and what was reasonable in our case. – Allen

Unsurpassable Integrity

When I received the call that my 17 year old daughter had been in a terrible automobile accident and was going into emergency surgery for severe brain trauma, I went into survival mode, not knowing what the outcome would be. I frantically made phone calls as I rushed to the hospital. Mr. Jon Boesen was one of those calls. Although I knew very few details, I knew Jon would be the best person for legal advice and support. (He had settled a case for my sister-in- law several years prior). When my husband and I were told that our daughter would never survive her injures, Mr. Boesen was there to educate and assist us in understanding each and every decision that we would face. Decisions that no parent should ever have to make. Decisions from organ donation to funeral arrangements. He contacted our Automobile Insurance Company as well as our Medical Insurance Carrier and explained to us the limits and liabilities pertaining to our plans in a way that we could understand. He kept us informed about each and every step in our claim/case. He even attended our daughter’s memorial service. His personal ethics and work ethics…Honest. His legal knowledge, strategy and skill…Infinite. His unsurpassable integrity…Silences his colleagues. He does exactly what he says he is going to do and in a timely matter. After everything was final, Mr. Boesen volunteered to be liaison between us and my daughter’s College accounts. He made all the phone calls and gathered/filed all the necessary paperwork to retrieve the funds. This was above and beyond, but that’s who Jon Boesen is. Does one even need to ask? Of course I would recommend him. – Niccolle

My case

Jon Boesen and his staff at Boesen law are impeccable. The first day I went to Boesen law to consult with them about my case, I was a little skeptical of how things would progress if I decided to hire them to represent me in my case. Shortly after consulting with them I felt a sense of security. I ended up hiring them to represent me and as I was leaving their firm a sense of worry and doubt melted away from my conscience. I hired them and they took all my worry away. I could go back to living a normal life and not have to worry about bills and dealing with insurance companies. The firm did a phenomenal job and I would recommend them to anyone. – David

So happy I went with Boesen

Boesen Law was recommended to me by a family friend. I was very hesitant about bringing my auto accident case to a lawyer, especially one I hadn’t heard of before. However when my medical bills started piling up, and my pain was getting worse, it became clear I would need a lawyer to make sure the insurance company would help me pay for my medical bills. I am so happy that I chose Boesen Law to handle my case. Steve Berlant was my lawyer and he fought hard with the insurance company to make sure I got a fair settlement. He wasn’t only concerned with how my accident affected me but also the toll it was taking on my family. Additionally, Steve negotiated with my doctors and treatment facilities to get my bills lowered so I could keep more of my settlement. Furthermore, Jon Boesen, the owner of the practice, was very attentive with my case. If I had any concerns with how my cases was progressing, he would join Steve on conference calls and they would both address my concerns. Boesen Law is very attentive with their clients, and truly cares for the people they are fighting for. I give Boesen Law my highest recommendation. – Brandy

Car Accident

My attorney provided me with great support. He did an amazing job of working with the insurance companies, my doctors, and the hospital so that I did not have to deal with that while I sought treatment and recovered from my injuries. He kept me in the loop of what was going on with my case and provided me with great advice. He was able to settle my claim prior to a year of my accident which enabled me to finish seeking required medical care towards my recovery. I would recommend him to anyone in the same situation that I was in without any hesitation. – Terri


Most persons have little-to-no confidence – or trust – in attorneys…until they need one!
I, on the other hand, am very confident in Jon’s practice – as an attorney, and as a business leader.
What separates Boesen Law from others is Jon’s – and his partner’s – character; but it all starts at the top…with Jon! Jon is a man of profound faith; he displays great ethics; he’s a man of strong character; and Jon’s passion for what is right, fair, equitable, and just is what causes this separation to exist. I’m honored to refer others to Jon. Even this behavior hasn’t existed for other attorneys or law firms, Jon makes it easy for me to do respond this way! Realizing that no one person – or company – is perfect; but as long as there are people like Jon, I will side with his kind of “perfect” any day! Thanks Jon for making me believe in the process again, and for standing in the gap for those who otherwise wouldn’t have a chance! – Garth


Jon and Steve are excellent attorneys. I was very happy with their services. They kept me informed the entire time. They were very knowledgeable and handled my case professionally. I would absolutely recommend their office and services. – Janelle

Past Workman’s Compensation Client

Jon Boesen took my case during the middle of the process. I was unfortunately unaware of some of my clinical status due to non-communication from the employers Workman’s Compensation’s physicians. Jon stepped in and exposed the withholding of information and under his oversight, full disclosure of the multiple aspects to my injury went on record, resulting in compensation befitting my injuries. Personally, Jon is the antithesis of what you would expect in a Workman’s Comp Attorney. Thoughtful, deliberate, low key…and just honest. – Denise

Great Law Firm in Denver!

They are professional, knowledgeable and trustworthy. Also, very effective at what they do. I have also referred my friends. They always treat their clients with the utmost respect and care. Thank you Boesen Law! – Sally

Very Bad Accident

In 2011 I was in a very bad work accident. After hiring a different law firm to handle my personal injury case, I was fortunately handed off to Boesen law offices, particularly Chris Gilbert. Chris’s efforts went above and beyond my expectations. I could not have been in better hands. I had a very good outcome with my case and I can’t stress enough the professionalism and dedication the whole staff at the Boesen law firm showed me and my family. I truly believe that I could not have been better represented. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who would ask me. – Robert

The Best

Best attorneys ever. Anyone needing an attorney, this is the place to go. – Olivia

Very Knowledgeable

Very knowledgeable, trustworthy and professional law team! They are well versed in many areas of law. I would recommend this firm to anyone, in fact I have referred them to my friends this past year. – Allie


It has been my pleasure to work with the attorneys at Boesen Law, LLC. They are knowledgeable, professional and make you feel like your case is the most important issue at hand. My wife and my daughter were each involved in separate, serious automobile accidents. Jon Boesen and his team made a difference in our lives not only getting substantial settlements in each case but also making sure that my wife and my daughter got the best medical attention available. I highly recommend Boesen Law to anyone who has been involved in an accident or has suffered some other personal injury! – Larry

Excellent Job

I recently hired Jon Boesen to represent me in a dispute that was successfully settled. Jon did an excellent job in listening and understanding the facts underlying the dispute and successfully negotiated a settlement in a timely and efficient manner. I would highly recommend Jon for anyone seeking competent and effective representation. – Keith


The aftermath of a tragic event can certainly overshadow your life. That’s when my family and I turned to Jon Boesen for help in determining if we had a case against a major corporation.Mr. Boesen took the time to really understand our situation, explained the law to us in terms that we could understand, and handled our case with the utmost professionalism and dignity.We hope that we don’t ever have to deal with an unfavorable situation again that causes an inexplicable void, but if we do we will not hesitate to utilize Mr. Boesen as our legal representative. – Caroline

Consultation for legal matters

Mr. Boesen has been the perfect choice to obtain legal advice for our family. His knowledge, compassionate understanding, and communication, has been nothing less than superb in the chaotic world of law. Mr. Boesen has guided us with the delicate care we needed to piece together a resolution for a difficult matter and received pure honesty and integrity from his firm. Everything from his staff to the finer details of his delicate approach has exceeded our expectations. Highly recommended if you’re looking at solving any personal injury case – Michael

Hire These Lawyers!!!!!

Jon and Ken did an outstanding job for me. They were very professional and honest.
They genuinely cared about me.
If you were injured in a car accident, you really should use these lawyers. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!!!!! – Gigi S

Hard-working, Caring, Attentive Attorney

I cannot say enough about how amazing this firm is! Since day one after an awful car accident, Boesen Law was an advocate for me and my family. Their team of lawyers, paralegals, and staff are compassionate and dedicated to fighting for their clients. Being in an accident is a nightmare, and trying to battle insurance companies is even worse. Boesen Law took over, and handled the suit in a professional, timely manner. I was constantly in contact (via email and phone) with my lawyer and any questions I had were answered promptly. Next steps were always clear to me, and I was informed during the entire process of everything happening with my case. The outcome was good as well. I highly recommend this firm if you want a hard-working, dedicated team to represent you. – Marissa D

Results Without Even Filing

Our family recently had a dispute with a fairly powerful organization/business. It soon became clear that this entity intended to attempt to harm our family financially it thought it could act with impunity. We felt powerless and didn’t know where to turn. Then we remembered that our friend, Jon Boesen, was an attorney. We contacted Jon who we have known for almost 20 years. We explained the situation to Jon and he said that although this sort of thing was outside of his specific practice of law (personal injury) he thought he could help us out easily. When we protested that we had tried several times to get this business to do the right thing to no avail he assured us that he knew just the approach to take.
Sure enough, within 24 hours, Jon had this company doing a complete about face and it would no longer be a bother to us.
And he did it without having to take them to court or even threaten to. He simply went to their offices and sat down with their CEO and explained what he expected them to do…and they did it.
We don’t know what he said but it must have been convincing! His reputation as a successful Personal Injury Attorney must have had something to do with the quick results. Jon not only saved us from a corrupt organization but saved us countless thousands of dollars in legal fees.
Our family has had to hire a lawyer once before and it was a money hole. That lawyer dragged the process out in an obvious attempt to bill us to death. Not Jon Boesen! His integrity and way with people is a wonder to behold. If he can get results like these in an area that isn’t even his specialty imagine what he can do for someone who needs a PI attorney? –Mark

Professional, courteous services

I never thought I would need an attorney but after a work related injury I found myself struggling to make sense of the paperwork. To protect myself and my career I had to find help. Jon offered an expert opinion, made sense of the paperwork, protected my livelihood and pension and gave me peace of mind. He gave me his honest assessment and did not make outrageous sounding promises (like TV law ads). He did exactly what he said he would, kept me informed of every step and helped me accomplish my goal: protect my career and resolve the case. I would highly recommend his services! – Gene

Our experience with Boesen Law

We needed an attorney due to an auto accident that I was involved in which I was not at fault. A friend suggested we meet with Jon. From the moment we met, he was warm & friendly and assured us we indeed had a case. Even though it was a long process and we learned a lot about the legal system we were glad we chose Boesen Law. Jon is very knowledgeable and professional while making you feel comfortable. If I ever need an attorney again (and hope I don’t), we would definitely return to Boesen Law! – Cynthia M.

Very Thorough

Boesen law was very thorough and completely had my best interest in mind. Communication was more than sufficient and I am pleased that I chose to go through them for my case. At 7 weeks pregnant and dealing with the trauma of an unfortunate accident, they were big on making sure I was comfortable and didn’t take on more than I could handle. Steve Berlant was straight to the point and I left them pleased with my experience. – Hope T.

Great Law Firm

Great Law Firm. Everyone was very friendly and helpful. I highly recommend Boesen Law. – M.D.