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Self-Driving Cars: Convenient or Risky?


With the new decade upon us, technology is making more strides than ever before. Especially with automobiles, a new trend is emerging: self-driving cars. Companies like Tesla are reimagining what transportation can look like for individuals. While many people think of the convenience that comes with self-driving cars, a lot of questions remain regarding the safety of the technology.

Feasibility of Self-Driving Technology 

While fully self-driving cars are still a long ways away, it’s important to think about the safety of the technology. Car accidents involving a Tesla that was in self driving mode have occurred, and rideshare company Uber has experienced issues with its self driving cars. Many of the complaints about the technology stem from the idea that the technology used by these types of vehicles, doesn’t keep the driver of the vehicle engaged enough to take over in an emergency. 

Who’s at Fault? 

Another big question is on liability in car accidents. Today, individuals carry insurance that can go up or down depending on their driving history among other factors. With self driving cars it remains to be seen who can be held liable in the event of an incident. Can the individual who was hurt bring a claim against the auto manufacturer? The technology company who developed the software? 

Where We Go from Here

While improvements to automobile technology continue, it is important to think about all potential benefits and risks that come with having a self-driving car. This development of technology could reshape the automobile and insurance industries for years to come. 

Injured in a Motor Vehicle Accident? 

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SSDI Appeal Process: What You Need to Know

SSDI Appeal

While applying for Social Security Disability benefits (SSDI) there may come a time in the process where you receive a denial. However this doesn’t mean that this is the end of the road. There are several ways to appeal the decision and potentially get your benefits approved. 

Medical Reconsideration

If you receive a denial due to insufficient medical evidence, you can request a medical reconsideration. This avenue of the SSDI appeal process involves an individual who completely reviews your entire claim once again, as well as taking into account any new medical evidence that has been submitted. The individual who reviews your claim is someone who had no input involving your original denial. 

SSDI Hearing by Administrative Law Judge

Another way to go about an appeal is to request a hearing with an administrative law judge. The judge who reviews your case is someone who had no input in the original decision or reconsideration of your claim. Usually the hearing will be within 75 mile span of where you live. 

Appeals Council Review 

If you receive a denial from an administrative law judge you can submit a request for the appeals council to review the decision. The council will either make the decision or send it back to another judge to be looked at again. 

Federal Court Claim Review

This is known as the last resort in the appeals process. If you do not like the decision made by the appeals council or if your request for review was denied, you can file a civil suit in federal court. 

Need Help with an SSDI Appeal?

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Mutiple Crashes Occur in Eagle County

Eagle County

Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) are urging people to take it while driving in the mountains. An article from ABC Denver 7 reports of multiple collisions yesterday January 13, 2020 along I-70 in Eagle County.

Eagle County

The article states that authorities closed down exits near Vail and Dowd Junction briefly to deal with the accidents, however they reopened in the afternoon. However, U.S. 6 heading toward Loveland was still closed at the time of reporting to deal with the situation. 

Poor Conditions

Thanks to a heavy uptick in snow in the mountains, driving conditions have been less than ideal. Eagle River Fire who responded to the crashes were reminding drivers to be aware of poor visibility and slick conditions, especially during evening hours. They also sent out a reminder to be cautious and to slow down and move over for any emergency responders. 

Be Aware

A reporter for ABC Denver 7, Jayson Luber, has noted he regularly sees vehicles hitting first responder cars due to not moving over as per required by law to make room for those attending to crash scenes. In response, first responder vehicles are now parked blocking multiple traffic lanes in order to shield those assisting individuals from oncoming traffic. 

Injured in a Car Accident?

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FDA Finds Numerous Health Complaints Against JUUL


Popular vape/e-cigarette company JUUL is finding numerous health complaints by customers are coming to light thanks to a report by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). 

FDA Finds Complaints

An internal memo notes that over 2,000 complaints of negative effects as a result of using JUUL products were made in the first three years of the company being in operation. A spokesman for the company gave a response claiming that the overall number of complaints is very low compared to the number of consumers. The FDA discovered the data while reviewing the company’s database during a check back in September of 2018. 

Range of Symptoms 

The problems individuals are claiming as a result of using JUUL vape products involve discomfort or soreness in the mouth, chills, fever and chills to note a few. One woman noted that using the product caused her throat to bleed and sought medical attention. She was diagnosed with a burned throat as a result. 

Issues with individuals having the nicotine leak into their mouths while using the product is also a problem. These amount for about 12 percent of total complaints by consumers. Some individuals report feeling sick after unintentionally consuming the liquid. 

Questions Remain

As vaping continues to become more and more popular, there are still concerns over the safety of the products. This is especially important with how vaping has become widespread with youth and teens. Health officials are continuing to question how the liquid used in vape products impacts an individual’s long term health, in light of the vaping illness that swept the nation. 

Injured by a JUUL Vape product? 

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Takata Announces Next Phase in Airbag Recall


Auto airbag manufacturing company Takata announced another recall involving 10 million vehicles over shrapnel concerns. 

Takata’s Final Phase

This latest recall is what Takata is hoping to be the last phase of vehicles affected. The recalls began in 2001 after it was found that the airbag inflators installed in numerous vehicles, have the potential to explode during a crash causing shrapnel to possibly hit the driver and other individuals in the car. This shrapnel has the potential to cause serious injury or death as a result. 

The recalls are now seen as one of the biggest recalls ever to hit the auto industry according to an article by USA Today

Types of Cars Affected

With the newest recall car makes such as Toyota, Audi, BMW, Ferrari, Ford, General Motors (GM), Nissan, and Subaru. 

The recall involves new airbag inflators that Takata issued to affected vehicles, after the original inflators were found to be defective. The inflators were created with ammonium nitrate, a chemical which later was found to break down quickly in climates with high temperatures. With the breakdown, this can cause the airbag to explode during the crash and allow shrapnel to come out into the car. 

Injured by a Takata Airbag?

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Multiple Vehicle Crash Occurs Near Erie Parkway

Erie Parkway

A multiple vehicle crash in Erie on Tuesday, January 7, 2020  has left at least one individual with serious injuries. 

Erie Parkway

Fox 31 Denver reports that the crash occurred in the afternoon and was near Erie Parkway. Erie Police Department who responded to the scene closed the street that includes Weld County Road 5 all the way to Interstate 25 to deal with the crash. According to the article, a garbage truck is one of the vehicles involved in the accident, and a large amount of trash was at the scene as well. 

Investigation Underway

At least one individual was taken to the hospital for treatment of their injuries. The other vehicles and individuals involved in the crash have not been made known at this time. The cause of the accident is currently under investigation. 

Injured in a Car Accident?

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Balancing Act: FDA Announces Ban on Some Vape Flavors



The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is going ahead with a ban on fruit and mint flavored vaping products, USA Today reports. The ban which was announced on Thursday January 2, 2020 will go into effect within 30 days. 

Balancing Act for FDA

Alex Azar who is the Secretary for U.S. Health and Human Services was quoted in the article as saying the ban tries to “strike the right public health balance” between taking away popular flavors used by teenagers, while also keeping flavors such as menthol and tobacco around for those who use vaping as an alternative to regular cigarette smoking. 

Not Far Enough 

Many anti tobacco and public health groups are coming out against the ban saying that it does not go far enough to curb children’s access to vape products. This action by the FDA is more limited than what it was previously considering back in September of 2019. 

In response to the backlash, Azar commented saying that after analyzing data from the National Institute on Drug Abuse’s report on future trends, youth were primarily vaping fruit and mint flavors with a smaller percentage preferring menthol. 

Marketing Crackdown

The FDA is also going after companies who market their products to children. A federal court order is now in place that requires vaping companies to submit an application by May 12, 2020 in order to continue to be able to advertise. Those who miss the deadline can face enforcement by the FDA. 

Injured by a Vape Product?

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Talk With a Team Member: Derson

1. How long have you worked at Boesen Law? 

  • I’ve had the pleasure of working at Boesen Law for three months so far.  

2. Describe a fun memory/experience you have had since working here.

  • The Ugly Sweater & White Elephant Party was one of the most entertaining experiences I’ve had in the workplace. From the gift stealing to the flipping of collectible coins, the party was one to remember.   

3. What drew you to wanting to work in the legal field? 

  • Outside of the quintessential Judge Judy shows and the occasional Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney video game, I’ve always had a desire to understand how the world works and how I can help to make it a better place for those of us in it. 

4. What do you like most about working in your position and why? 

  • I have the opportunity to learn from some of the smartest legal minds around and work with hard-working professionals.  

5. What do you like to do in your free time?

  • Now that I am out of law school, if I’m not catching up on the hottest pop culture craze of the past decade, then I’m joyfully spending hundreds of hours on the latest video game. 

6. Favorite Food, Favorite TV show/movie, Favorite Quote.

  • It is hard to pick a single favorite nowadays, but here it goes. My favorite food is La Bandera (Dominican white rice, Red Beans, Chicken, and a nice ripe Avocado). My favorite TV show/movie is Breaking Bad/Black Panther. My favorite quote is “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” by Malcolm X

7. Best piece of (general) advice received?

  • If you don’t know where you came from, then how can you know where you are going.   

Celebrate the New Year Safely – Tips to Consider

New Year

The end of the year is upon us and a new year (and decade!) is just around the corner. While people love getting together to celebrate the New Year, it’s also important to take measures to keep yourself safe. Here’s a list of things to think about before you pop open the bubbly and raise your glass:

  1. Make a Plan – Whether you plan to go out with friends or host your own gathering, it’s important to think about how you plan to get to your location. Consider how much time you plan to be there and if you plan on drinking alcohol. If you have children and/or pets, you may want to plan to make arrangements for a sitter if you plan to be out. 
  2. Who Wants to Drive? – If you do plan to be out on the town, think about nominating a designated driver (DD) who will be 100% alcohol free for the evening. If you end up drinking too much, you know you have a safe way to get home. No DD? Use a rideshare app like Lyft or use public transit. 
  3. Firework Safety – Be careful when handling or lighting fireworks. Keep a safe distance away from fireworks after you light them. DO NOT light a firework while holding it as this can cause serious physical injury. If you know your pets can be skittish during fireworks, take steps to make sure they are away from the noise and have correct ID tags in case they get out.  
  4. Lock and Key – New Year’s can be one of the biggest days for car break ins and theft. If you have to leave your car outside overnight make sure anything valuable is hidden away from view, and your car is locked and secure.  

Injured in an Accident? 

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Colorado Named Deadliest State for Avalanches


Colorado is known for its beautiful Rocky Mountains and especially mountain activities during the winter such as skiing and snowshoeing. Even with all the winter fun however, avalanche occurrences are still a very real possibility. A report from ABC Denver 7 details how Colorado is once again the state with the deadliest avalanches.

A Record Year for Colorado

Data gathered by the Colorado Avalanche Information Center (CAIC) shows that the state had 4,273 incidents of avalanche activity over the 2018-2019 season. The organization said that this year was extreme, in that many incidents ended up covering entire highways and disrupting traffic. 

Unique Climate 

Deputy Director for CAIC Brian Lazar commented on why Colorado is so prone to avalanches, stating that “We have thin snow pack with dry periods — which gives us all the sunshine we love — that forms weak layers in the snow [and] we tend to have a more dangerous snow pack in and of itself and it’s in close proximity to lots of people.”

Overall 287 people have been killed as a result of avalanche activity in Colorado since the 1950s. This amount greatly surpasses other state totals such as Washington, which only has suffered 130 fatalities and neighboring state Utah which has only had 120 deaths. 

Be Prepared 

Mr. Lazar also spoke for the need for individuals to be ready for any potential avalanches, especially if they are skiing or hiking in back country, where terrain can be unpredictable. Having the correct equipment: at least an avalanche transceiver, probe, and a shovel is also key. Being able to correctly read the forecast and get an idea of when the risk for an avalanche occurrence is also important, and Mr. Lazar says those who need avalanche education should do their research before going out into the mountains. 

Injured in an Avalanche?

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