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Takata Airbags Recalled Due to Defects

takata airbags

Takata Airbag Flaws – Which Manufacturers?

One of the largest automotive recalls in recent history is due to the flawed Takata airbags. These airbags were installed in millions of vehicles by numerous car manufacturers. These manufacturers include BMW, Ford, GM (General Motors), Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Chrysler, Toyota, Daimler Trucks, Honda, and Subaru.

Why are they being recalled?

These airbags have been found to allow metal shrapnel and other parts of the airbag to disperse throughout the inside of the vehicle when deployed in an accident. As such, this routinely can lead to cuts and blunt force trauma that can result in severe injury or death. These injuries can be considered personal injury cases.

Who to Call:

Our firm is looking into any claim that results in injury or death regarding the Takata recall. We also look at Honda specific airbag claims that can cause injuries that go thorough a different review process. This applies even if the injury that occurs does not seem to be long-lasting or lethal.

Contact our office at 303-999-9999, 303-835-9342, or via our website to schedule a free consultation, if you or someone you know has been injured as a result of these airbags.



Goldfish Crackers Recalled over Salmonella Worries

goldfish crackers, salmonella

Popular Snack Recall

Commercial bakery Pepperidge Farm, a subdivision of the Campbell Soup Company, announced a voluntary recall of their popular snack item Goldfish Crackers due to concerns over salmonella.

Which Snacks?

The company stated it would pull four specific varieties of the snack from the shelves:  Flavor Blasted Xtra Cheddar, Flavor Blasted Sour Cream & Onion, Goldfish Baked with Whole Grain Xtra Cheddar and Goldfish Mix Xtra Cheddar + Pretzel from an article posted online by Yahoo.

The recall is in regards to a potential contamination of salmonella with whey powder, a prominent ingredient used in Goldfish Crackers. Pepperidge Farm disclosed their intent to recall the items, after being notified of the possible contamination by a whey supplier. The company also stated that the recall is solely “out of an abundance of caution.”

The recall comes after another recent announcement by food and beverage company Mondelez International, who recalled snack item Ritz Bitz also due to salmonella fears.

What is Salmonella?

Salmonella is a bacteria that can cause infection when it contaminates food that is not handled or stored properly. Severe reactions can be seen in the elderly, young children, or those with a weakened immune system. Symptoms include, but are not limited to fever, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Our Investigation

These recalls are still under investigation at this time. To learn more about food-borne illness lawsuits please visit our page here. You can also call us at 303-999-9999 or 303-835-9342

Think Before You Zip – Zip Line Dangers

zip line

What is Zip Lining?

Zip Line tours and courses are quickly becoming a popular outdoor activity that people of all ages can participate in. Zip Lining involves a series of wooden platforms in which participants move or ‘zip’ to the next platform while in a rock climbing harness that is attached to a cable rope. A braking system is also employed either used by the zip liner themselves (with leather gloves etc.), or with netting or pulleys installed at the end of each rope. These braking systems ensure a zip liner does not gain too much velocity (speed) while sliding on the rope, and can safely move between the platforms.


While most zip line tours follow safety precautions and regulations, serious injuries or even death can occur if these guidelines are disregarded. The Colorado Division of Public Safety is involved in the regulation and oversight of commercial zip line operations within the state of Colorado.

Injured in a Zip Line Accident?

Contact our office at 303-999-9999, 303-835-9342 or via our website if you or someone you know has been involved in a zip line incident or accident to schedule a free consultation. Our firm has experience handling these cases where the rules for zip lining safely have been disregarded or ignored, causing serious injuries or death.

Serious Problems with Metal-on-Metal Hip Devices

Metal Hip Implants

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is currently looking into metal-on-metal hip devices used in hip replacement surgeries. The review comes on the heels of numerous complaints arising from patients who receive them.

The issues that are being reported involve loosening of the device, metallosis (metal debris buildup in the soft tissue and bone), fractures, as well as corrosion that can require additional surgery to fix the issue. Our firm is looking into all cases that pertain to these metal-on-metal hip devices.

Affected Devices

These devices include but are not limited to ASR XL Acetabular System, the ASR Hip Resurfacing System, Stryker Rejuvenate and ABG II neck systems. DePuy Pinnacle, Zimmer Durom Cup, Wright Conserve, Biomet M2A “38mm” and M2A-Magnum hip systems are also being investigated. The complications with these devices have been noted to be pain and discomfort, swelling, and mobility issues.

Seek Help

Contact our office at 303-999-9999 or 303-835-9342 if you or someone you know have received one of these metal on metal hip devices. We can also be reached via our website.



Breaking: Blood Pressure Meds Linked to Cancer

Certain Blood Pressure Medications Recalled

The ingredient named Valsartan includes nitrosodimethylamine, which is a known cancer causing agent that is found in certain blood pressure medications.

Three companies were asked by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to recall their blood pressure medications which include valtsartan. These companies are Major Pharmaceuticals, Solco Healthcare and Teva Pharmaceuticals Industries Ltd according to an article posted by Time Magazine. Our firm is currently investigating this issue.

Contact our office at 303-999-9999 or at 303-835-9342 if you have any questions regarding the ongoing investigation.

Hip Device by Stryker Recalled

Medical Technology Company, Stryker Corporation, Recall

Their LFIT Anatomic CoCrV40 Femoral Head has been recalled due to a significant rate of failures and complications with its use in patients who receive the device during hip replacement surgery.

The recall is considered to be a Class II hip device recall according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA defines a Class II device recall in their Investigations Operations Manual as “a situation in which use of, or exposure to, a violative product may cause temporary or medically reversible adverse health consequences or where the probability of serious adverse health consequences is remote.”

What Was Recalled?

The femoral head is a ball shape which is attached to a femoral stem via a small metal rod. The femoral head is placed at the top of the femur bone in the socket of the hip near the pelvic bone, while the femoral stem is inserted into the femur. Although it is expected to be reliable, over time the metal rod that joins the femoral head and stem together is prone to significant corrosion. This corrosion leads to taper lock failure which allows for loosening and dislocation of the device.

Health Dangers and Risks

Without the metal rod in place, the femoral head and stem start to scrape on each other and metal particles are released into the bloodstream inducing blood poisoning. Mobility issues, tissue inflammation, pain and discomfort are also serious issues that can arise.

Call our office at 303-999-9999 or 303-835-9342 if you or a loved one have received one of these devices during hip replacement surgery or are experiencing complications. We can also be reached via our website.


Costly Verdict Announced in Johnson & Johnson Case

talcum powder

A major verdict was announced Thursday, July 12th for a class-action lawsuit brought against product manufacturer Johnson & Johnson.

The jury awarded $4.14 billion dollars of punitive damages and $550 million dollars in actual damages to 22 plaintiffs. Cost breakdown shows that each of the plaintiffs would receive about $25 million in regards to the actual damages.

About the Verdict

The all-female group of plaintiffs filed the lawsuit in St. Louis, Missouri on the grounds that Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder contained asbestos, causing ovarian cancer. Johnson and Johnson plan to appeal the ruling with spokeswoman Carol Goodrich commenting via e-mail in an article posted by Bloomberg Business that the verdict “was the product of a fundamentally unfair process that allowed plaintiffs to present a group of 22 women, most of whom had no connection to Missouri, in a single case all alleging that they developed ovarian cancer.”

Six of the plaintiff’s families are also pursuing wrongful death cases against Johnson and Johnson. Imerys America which is a talc supplier for Johnson and Johnson, reached a settlement the plaintiffs prior to the start of the trial and the terms were unable to be disclosed.

Learn More 

Contact our office at 303-999-9999 or 303-835-9342 if you or a loved one has been diagnosed with ovarian or uterine cancer, and would like to discuss options in regards to joining the class-action suit. We can also be reached via our website.

Multiple Injuries after School Bus Crash in Weld County

Weld County Accident

A school bus crash involving a Greeley-Evans School District bus and a 2015 Ford pickup truck resulted in injuries late Thursday afternoon in Weld County.

Approximately 36 people were on board, with about 20 or so high school students and 1 adult were taken to various hospitals for treatment for minor to severe injuries.

The crash occurred at County Road 49 near County Road 24 3/4 according to a tweet posted by Colorado State Patrol. From a news article posted online by ABC Channel 7, the cause of the crash was due to the driver of the pickup allegedly falling asleep at the wheel and making contact with the school bus after drifting into its lane. The collision caused the school bus to swerve off the road and roll over. This crash remains under investigation at this time.

Were you injured as a result of this accident?

Contact our office at 303-999-9999 or at to speak with one of our experienced attorneys if you or anyone you know was involved in this accident . 

Multi-Vehicle Crash on I-70 – Investigation Underway

Multi-Vehicle Crash

A multi-vehicle crash involving several vehicles and two semi-trucks caused the eastbound lane of Interstate 70 in Colorado to close yesterday, July 10th at around 5:55p.m.

The crash occurred near the West Colfax Avenue interchange in Jefferson County according to Colorado State Patrol. Traffic as a result was diverted off the highway with an unknown time of reopening, although the lane eventually was cleared for traffic around 11p.m.

Eleven vehicles in total were involved and three people were sent to the hospital with injuries. Hazmat was also on scene to assist with clean up of an unknown substance. The details of what caused the crash are currently unknown at this time, an investigation is currently ongoing.

Were you injured as a result of this accident?

If you or a loved one were injured in this crash, please contact our office at 303-999-9999 or at 303-835-9342 to schedule a free consultation and speak with one of our experienced attorneys.

Xarelto Lawsuits

Another lawsuit due to medical injuries caused by the blood thinner medication Xarelto was filed in April of 2018 in Philadelphia resulting in a $28 million settlement. 

Although the verdict was overturned, multiple lawsuits have since been filed and are set to be heard in the federal court of Louisiana against the pharmaceutical company Janssen Pharmaceuticals and Bayer Corp. (an extension of parent company Johnson & Johnson). Janssen Pharmaceuticals and Bayer Corp are the developers of Xarelto which has been found to cause severe side effects.

These side effects include (but are not limited to) brain bleeding, pulmonary embolism, internal bleeding, gastrointestinal bleeding, and death. These lawsuits follow other recent settlements in regards to other blood thinner medications like Pradaxa and the anti inflammatory medication Vioxx. Studies have tied Pradaxa to over 500 deaths as a result of using the medication, which lead to a $650 million settlement in 2014. The lawsuits concerning Xarelto in Lousiana are to be heard by U.S. District Judge Eldon Fallon in the Eastern District. Judge Fallon also officiated over lawsuits filed against pharmaceutical company Merck and Co. developers of the medication Vioxx. The Vioxx lawsuits concluded with a $4.85 billion dollar settlement in 2007.

To talk about your potential Xarelto case, please contact our office at 303-999-9999 or at to schedule a free consultation.