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Insurance Bad Faith Attorneys in Denver and Aurora, CO

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Insurance Bad Faith Attorneys in Denver and Aurora, CO

We assist workers who have been wrongfully fired. If an employer discriminates because of your protected status, that may be unlawful under civil rights laws. If an employer fires you for engaging in protected activity, that may be the basis for a claim of wrongful retaliation.

If an employer breaches obligations of good faith and fair dealing, there may be a viable claim for breach of contract.

The end of a valuable employment relationship is devastating. Sometimes a job may be lost for business reasons and little can be done about the change. The law does not presume that employment decisions are based on unlawful bias.

However, in some cases, a discharge may be unlawful or in violation of your rights. Sometimes managers create artificial reasons to let an employee go because they are concealing improper bias or wrongful action.

Most job severances will not give rise to a meritorious claim for damages. But in some instances, action can be taken to enforce employment rights. We, the insurance bad faith attorneys denver CO have counseled employees and helped them overcome wrongful termination.

Based on experience, we, the Denver bad faith insurance lawyers recognize that these are difficult claims to evaluate and pursue. Justice may be hard to achieve in this arena. Yet, if the circumstances are right and if losses are substantial, a claim for wrongful employment action can be successfully pursued.

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Jon C. Boesen is the founder of Boesen Law, LLC. Mr. Boesen has 29 years of experience and practices in civil litigation, where he has represented thousands of people in all kinds of litigation, including jury trials, workers’ compensation hearings and social security disability hearings.


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