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JUUL Vape Pods

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What is Vaping?

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Vaping involves inhaling nicotine that produced from a battery operated vape or e-cigarette. Often times, vape pens can come in many different flavors such as mint, cherry, and even watermelon. Popular vape company JUUL markets a wide variety of vape flavors to their consumers. However it has been noted that vaping also contains other chemicals that have also been proven to be carcinogens. This is especially concerning as JUUL products are known to contain higher levels of nicotine when compared to other vape products. 

What is a JUUL?

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A JUUL is a device shaped similar to a USB device, where consumers use a “pod” which heats up chemicals for the user to inhale. According to an article from Truth Initiative, after only being available for two years “JUUL has already amassed nearly half of the e-cigarette market share.” It’s popularity is high in teens and young adults, of which many studies have been done regarding the health effects of long term nicotine use in teens. 

Lung Damage

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According to the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) website, released a study where “More than 149 possible cases of severe lung illness associated with e-cigarette product use were reported by 15 states.” More findings from the study indicate that “In many cases, patients reported a gradual start of symptoms including breathing difficulty, shortness of breath, and/or chest pain before hospitalization. Some cases reported mild to moderate gastrointestinal illness including vomiting and diarrhea and fatigue as well.” The most troubling thing, is whether these side effects of vaping, can become permanent. 

News reports and articles on the issue are popping up as well. An article from USA Today highlights an 18-year old from Long Island, New York, who became severely ill one day, ” His symptoms – fever, coughing, vomiting and chest pain – developed rapidly and, within days, he was on life support in a medically induced coma.” It was later discovered that the individual had a vape pen, and eventually with aggressive treatment doctors were able to save his life. 

Side Effects & Risks:

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If you or a loved one have health issues such as:

  • Difficulty Breathing
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Chest Pain
  • Addiction
  • Stroke
  • Seizures
  • Heart Issues
  • Withdrawal Symptoms

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