Business & Commercial Litigation Attorneys in Denver and Aurora, CO

We have assisted many individuals and companies in working out contract disputes. Economic losses may arise from a failure to perform an agreement. A manufacturer may cut off distribution and interfere with your territorial or exclusive rights. A high volume seller may utilize deceptive trade practices to wrongfully deprive you of access to markets. An insurance carrier may unfairly restrict applicable coverage to deprive you of reasonable expectations under the bargain. A commercial landlord may arbitrarily interfere with your right to sublet premises and take advantage of market conditions. A seller of goods and services may fraudulently conceal material information to mislead you into entering into disadvantageous transactions.

We have years of experience in helping people achieve the essence of commercial bargains. We have represented numerous people to help them deal with these and other commercial issues.

The economics of business litigation are challenging. The American rule on litigation does not permit a winning party to recover legal expenses from the opponent. Contracts and statutory claims can change that rule. Understanding economics and anticipating inefficiencies of lawsuits are important to prudent legal representation.