Pharmaceutical Claim Attorneys in Denver and Aurora, CO

As a society we have often turned to medication to alleviate medical conditions or symptoms. Unfortunately and all too often these medications, marketed by BIG Multinational Pharmaceutical companies with multi-million dollar advertising budgets, can cause unwanted side effects or symptoms that can lead to serious harm or even death. If you or a loved one have been injured by the use of a bad drug, knowing exactly what your options are and timely taking the action necessary to seek compensation for yourself or a loved one’s injuries and damages is critical.  The Boesen Law firm has the knowledge, resources and experience to help you with a bad drug claim against any of the many pharmaceutical companies that have recently been found responsible for putting or keeping a bad drug on the market.

How do these claims arise?

While pharmaceutical companies submit their medications to testing by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), certain complications or side effects do not arise until after the drug has been on the market for consumer use.

What about the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standards?

Pharmaceutical companies have been found to mislead the FDA in order to get their medications to the market faster, sometimes knowing and not disclosing or fulling disclosing to the FDA, harmful or potentially harmful side-effects that can occur with usage of the medication.  The FDA also depends on pharmaceutical companies providing them with accurate information about their product after the drug has been introduced and used by the public.  Unfortunately, pharmaceutical companies have been found to not timely share important and relevant incidents and reports of side-effects by users.  Without proper and adequate reporting of the known and discovered side-effects of drugs, the FDA is often unable to stop a bad drug from doing significant harm to the public until it is too late.

If you are looking to pursue a bad drug/medication claim, contact us and speak with one of our experienced attorneys.  Bad Drug/Medication claims we are currently pursuing or investigating as possible bad drugs, include, but are not limited to:

A pharmaceutical company failing to adequately inform consumers of serious and sometimes fatal side effects of drugs that are developed and promoted to consumers, can be grounds for a possible litigation claim.

What if I think I have a claim? What are my options?

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