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Have you OR a loved one been diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer after using Talcum Powder?

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An estimated 20,000 women have been diagnosed each year with ovarian cancer and more than 14,000 of these women pass away. Studies have shown that women who use talc-containing products on their genitals have a one in fifty chance of developing the disease.

In the early 1970s, Johnson & Johnson was put on notice that their baby powder was posing a significant risk to women. The natural mineral, Talc, contained in Johnson & Johnson baby powder increases the risk of women developing ovarian cancer due to its natural properties when used on the genital area.

In February 2016, a jury in St. Louis awarded $72 Million Dollars to the family of Jackie Fox. Ms. Fox passed away from ovarian cancer in October 2015. Ms. Fox’s family claimed that her cancer was caused by the regular use of Johnson & Johnson baby powder.

Johnson & Johnson continues to deny these claims contrary to the scientific evidence that talcum powder increases the risk of developing ovarian cancer. Johnson & Johnson is currently facing at least 1,200 other lawsuits and thousands more are expected.

If you or someone in your family has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, you may be entitled to compensation. Boesen Law, LLC is currently accepting cases of those who may have been affected.

Contact us to take a step in the right direction. Call us toll-free at 1-303-835-9342 or locally at 303-999-9999. All consultations are free and our firm will not collect a fee unless you make a recovery.

Denver Talcum Powder Attorney

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With long-term experience in the field, we have complete knowledge of talcum powder lawsuits. If you or any of your loved ones have suffered due to the use of Johnson & Johnson talcum powder, you have a right to claim compensation.

We specialize in getting favorable results for our clients in talcum powder-related cases. As the company manufacturing the talcum powder knew about the harmful effects of their product and failed to warn their users, they have done a great disservice to public.

The researchers have now confirmed that talcum powder does induce ovarian cancer in women. It has been found that although the talc particles are natural minerals, our bodies find it hard to remove them. Hence, our body suffers inflammation, which can result in ovarian cancer.

We have gone through all the research and have in-depth expertise on Johnson & Johnson talcum powder cases. Contact Boesen Law ASAP, one of the best Denver talcum powder Attorney firms.

Talcum Powder Cancer Lawsuit

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Ovarian cancer is a deadly disease. The talcum powder manufactured by Johnson & Johnson is known to cause ovarian cancer. If you have suffered due to the use of the talcum powder manufactured by this company, you are entitled to file a talcum powder cancer lawsuit.

Boesen Law is a recognized leader in personal injury law. All our talcum powder lawyers are well-versed with all aspects of the ovarian cancer lawsuit and are ready to take on your case and get a favorable result for you.

The treatment of ovarian cancer is a costly affair for most people. For the hurt party, it is hard to accumulate the wealth required to pay for the treatment that may include chemotherapy and radiation therapy. The treatment costs are too steep and can take away your entire life savings. Therefore, you should file a talcum powder cancer lawsuit and claim for the compensation that you deserve.

How You Can Be Hurt by Talc Powder

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Talcum powder can cause a lot of hurt and pain to the users. When women apply talcum powder near the genital areas, it can move to the ovaries and get embedded in the tissue. The body finds it difficult to remove the talc particles. As a result, the ovarian parts get inflamed, leading to the formation of cancerous tumors.

Apart from the dangers mentioned above, there is another risk uncovered through recent studies. It has been found that the talc powder manufactured by Johnson & Johnson contains asbestos. When the talcum powder is applied, the asbestos might be inhaled and cause a malignant mesothelioma tumor.

Not only talc powder causes a lot of physical hurts, but it also causes mental pain, which can be unbearable. The thought of impending death can be chilling. It is painful for the patient as well as family and friends.

Talcum Powder and Ovarian Cancer

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Many studies that have been done since 1971 have found a strong link between the use of talcum powder and ovarian cancer in women. The studies reveal that the likelihood of ovarian cancer in women rises by 33 percent if they are using talc powder or some other talc products. When applied near the genital areas by women, the talcum powder particles can make their way to the ovaries and get embedded in the ovarian tissue. Although the talc particles are natural, they may cause inflammation in the sensitive ovarian region, ultimately leading to ovarian cancer.

For women using talcum powder during ovulation, the risk factor goes up to 92%. It is an alarming statistic that clearly shows the dangers of talcum powder’s use. Another risk of using Johnson & Johnson powder is the fact that it contains asbestos. When inhaled, the asbestos in the talcum powder can cause life-threatening cancer called Mesothelioma.

Successful Lawsuits Against Talcum Powder Manufacturers

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It is important for those impacted by talcum powder-related illnesses to file a lawsuit against the talcum powder manufacturers to get the compensation they are eligible for. Currently, Johnson & Johnson is facing many cases by women who allege that the company failed to inform them about the risks associated with their products. There have been many individuals who have successfully sued the company and received a favorable result. Many have won millions of dollars and have managed the high expenses related to ovarian cancer treatment.

In July 2018, 22 women in Missouri won $4.7 billion for punitive and compensatory damages. All the women had ovarian cancer. The compensation that they received was amongst the highest ever settlements received in a product liability case. There have many successful individual lawsuits since then. As a result, Johnson & Johnson completely removed their talcum powder and other talc-based offerings from the market in May 2020.

Call Boesen Law for Free Consultation

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If you believe that you have suffered due to the use of talcum powder and are looking for advice, we, at Boesen Law, offer a free consultation service.

Our dedicated talcum powder lawyers have extensive experience in the product liability domain and thoroughly understand the talcum powder lawsuit. You can contact our specialist ovarian cancer lawyers for a free consultation if you have suffered due to the use of talcum powder.

Our talcum powder attorney will listen to your every query, evaluate the case and then offer you the best advice. We, the ovarian cancer lawyers understand the sufferings experienced by every individual filing a lawsuit. Therefore, our attorneys are very considerate, understanding, and compassionate during the investigation of the case.

We, at Boesen Law, have lawyers that are patient, efficient, and at the same time ready to all go out in their efforts to win the lawsuit. Our expertise in talcum powder cases is unmatched, and we provide you the best opportunity to win the best compensation. For a quick estimate, call us soon and get your free consultation.

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