Workman’s Comp Case

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When I received the call that my 17 year old daughter had been in a terrible automobile accident and was going into emergency surgery for severe brain trauma, I went into survival mode, not knowing what the outcome would be. I frantically made phone calls as I rushed to the hospital. Mr. Jon Boesen was one of those calls. Although I knew very few details, I knew Jon would be the best person for legal advice and support. (He had settled a case for my
sister-in- law several years prior). When my husband and I were told that our daughter would never survive her injures, Mr. Boesen was there to educate and assist us in understanding each and every decision that we would face. Decisions that no parent should ever have to make. Decisions from organ donation to funeral arrangements. He contacted our Automobile Insurance Company as well as our Medical Insurance Carrier and explained to us the limits and liabilities pertaining to our plans in a way that we could understand. He kept us informed about each and every step in our claim/case. He even attended our daughter’s memorial service. His personal ethics and work ethics…Honest. His legal knowledge, strategy and skill…Infinite. His unsurpassable integrity…Silences his colleagues. He does exactly what he says he is going to do and in a timely matter. After everything was final, Mr. Boesen volunteered to be liaison between us and my daughter’s College accounts. He made all the phone calls and gathered/filed all the necessary paperwork to retrieve the funds. This was above and beyond, but that’s who Jon Boesen is. Does one even need to ask? Of course I would recommend him.