Valsartran Recall Expanded by FDA

Aug 30, 2018
By Boesen Law
  • According to a CNN article, the FDA announced Monday that they would be increasing their recall list of heart medications that contain the ingredient valsartran.

    Valsartran is a chemical widely used in medications that treat issues such as heart failure or blood pressure problems. It has been discovered recently however that some medications containing valsartran, also contain a substance known as N-nitrosodimethylamine or NDMA which has been declared to be a possible carcinogen by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The pharmaceutical companies whose medications are currently listed in the recall are as follows:

    • AvKare (Teva/Actavis) and (Hetero/Camber)

    • A-S Medication Solutions LLC (Teva/Actavis & Prinston/Solco)

    • Bryant Ranch Prepack Inc, (Teva/Actavis),

    • Hetero Labs (labeled as Camber Pharmaceuticals Inc.),

    • H J Harkins Co.,

    • Northwind Pharmaceuticals (Teva/Actavis),

    • NuCare Pharmaceuticals Inc. (Prinston/Solco),

    • Preferred Pharmaceuticals Inc. (Hetero/Camber)

    • Prinston Pharmaceutical Inc. (labeled as Solco Healthcare LLC),

    • Proficient Rx LP

    • Remedy Repack, Remedy Repack (Prinston/Solco),Remedy Repack Inc. (Hetero/Camber), RemedyRepack Inc. (Torrent),

    • Teva Pharmaceuticals (labeled as Major Pharmaceuticals), Teva Pharmaceuticals USA (labeled as Actavis) and Torrent Pharmaceuticals Limited.

    Our firm is currently looking into any claims where an individual has suffered medical issues as a result of using heart medications involving valsartran. Contact our firm immediately if you or a loved one have been affected at 303-999-9999 or 303-835-9342 to schedule a free consultation and speak with one of our experienced attorneys.