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    Do I Even Need An Attorney for a Workers’ Comp Claim?

    The Colorado Workers’ Compensation system has a simple idea – all employers are to provide insurance to all workers to cover all injuries that happen at, or in connection with work. This insurance is free to workers, and they can benefit even if their injury was their own fault. However, they have no right to sue their employer outside of the work comp system.

    The reality of the simple idea is a law called The Workers’ Compensation Act that comprises a major section of the Colorado Revised Statutes over 75 pages long, plus a complete set of Workers Compensation Rules of Procedure amounting to hundreds of pages, plus an Administrative Court system with its own set of rules for litigating disputes between workers and their employers (and their insurers).

    Even though you are the beneficiary of a policy of insurance, it’s your employer who paid the premiums for that insurance. When you make a claim for a work injury, you’re on one side as the Claimant, and your employer and their insurer are on the other side as the Respondents.

    There are a number of specific forms that must be filed in connection with a workers’ comp claim, and there are a number of important time deadlines that must be met. Therefore, it’s not surprising that injured workers who try to handle their claims on their own are very often frustrated, and feel taken advantage of. Worse yet, legal rights can be impacted by failing to follow the rules.

    With over 29 years of experience specifically in handling workers’ comp claims, Boesen Law, LLC can provide you the help you need, and we will be happy to provide you a free initial consultation.

    Do I Need to Contact a Workers’ Compensation Attorney Right Away?

    The law says that a worker’s report of injury should be made to the employer within four days, or else some benefits might be reduced. Some employers give bad advice about this, and some even tell workers that they’re not allowed to make a claim after a few days. Contacting your employer and contacting a worker compensation attorney in Denver as quickly as possible is your best hope for getting your claim on the right track and keeping it there.

    When you do have a reported claim, your employer and/or their insurer may still deny or “Contest” your claim, especially if you didn’t have any witnesses to your injury. It is important to get help to investigate your claim and organize your case as quickly as possible, especially if you need to go to a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge to make your case against a denial.

    A workers’ comp claim provides medical treatment benefits, but the first choice of doctor is generally for the employer or their insurance carrier. There are exceptions to this rule, and the opportunity to change doctors, that an experienced worker compensation attorneys Denver, CO will be able to help you with.

    A workers’ comp claim can provide lost wage benefits if you’re off work because of your injury, as well as benefits to compensate you for your future if you’re not medically returned to normal. Your experienced attorney at Boesen Law, LLC will be able to make sure you get the maximum benefits you deserve, and also make sure that you get them on time.

    Can I Afford A Workers’ Compensation Attorney?

    Even though the law does have provisions that can, in some cases, pay benefits for life, it has no provision to pay for “pain and suffering” and therefore, workers’ comp awards may not be as big as those for identical injuries addressed in a civil case. Therefore, the law puts limits on the fees attorneys may charge injured workers, and you can expect to keep a larger percentage of your award or settlement.

    The attorneys at Boesen Law, LLC generally handle cases on a contingency basis. That means there is no denver worker compensation attorneys fee charged unless benefits are achieved, and we will begin working for you without you having to pay upfront.

    How Do I Get Started?

    It’s as simple as filling in the contact form on our website or just giving us a call. Please gather all the information you can about your work and your injury, and we’ll discuss and evaluate your case. Boesen Law, LLC (303) 999-9999.