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    When dozens, hundreds, or thousands of people have all been hurt by the same liable party in similar ways, it is unreasonable to think that there will be enough time for all of those cases to be handled in one court, one after another. Not only would this put too much pressure on that court system, but it would also mean that some plaintiffs would not even have a chance to get compensation for years. To solve this issue, mass torts are sometimes used.

    Mass torts are similar to typical personal injury claims, but there are some notable differences. To make sure that your mass tort case has a fair chance of succeeding, you should work specifically with a law firm that understands this case type, its nuances, and its challenges. The easy choice is working with the mass tort lawyers of Boesen Law.

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    Basics of Mass Torts

    As mentioned, mass torts become an option when a larger number of plaintiffs have been harmed in a similar way by the same liable party or parties. It allows many people to work together toward the common goal of winning compensation through a civil injury claim. However, it is important to note that mass tort plaintiffs remain independent of one another. Whereas class action lawsuits create a single plaintiff class that wins or loses together and that splits any money that is recovered, mass tort plaintiffs all have their own individual claims that go to local courts. Each mass tort plaintiff’s case will need to win on its own merits.

    Yet mass tort cases are not isolated from one another. The process is useful because it allows plaintiffs and their legal teams to more easily share resources, evidence, and knowledge. As more and more mass tort cases end in success, it should theoretically become easier for future cases to also succeed by using a similar strategy.

    Common Calls for Mass Torts

    Accidents and incidents that often justify the need for a mass tort include:

    • Dangerous products
    • Defective medical devices
    • Dangerous pharmaceutical drugs
    • Transportation accidents
    • Building collapses

    What Can You Recover in a Mass Tort?

    The damages owed to you in a mass tort will be the same for a personal injury claim of the same nature. You can demand monetary compensation for medical bills, lost wages, permanent disability, pain and suffering, and more. Part of the process of our representation will be to calculate your damages and seek the amount that you need and deserve, which could be much different from what other mass tort plaintiffs have demanded or received.

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