Birth Trauma Injuries Attorneys in Denver and Aurora, CO

When a couple discovers they are expecting a child they are generally very excited and anticipate the birth of their child. Expectant mothers are careful about their food intake, attend regular visits with their healthcare provider and take other steps to help ensure a healthy baby at birth. Unfortunately, in some cases, no matter how healthy an expectant mom is, there are often medical mistakes made during the birth process that could result in trauma or injury to newborn infants. The birth injury attorneys at Boesen Law, LLC understand what is at stake and fight aggressively to make sure that your rights and interests are protected.

When the unthinkable occurs

When an infant is born, parents are rightfully excited but too often they are dismayed to learn their child is suffering the effects of errors made during labor and delivery.

Some of the potential trauma and injuries a newborn could suffer include:

  • Oxygen deficiency – commonly known as fetal distress, this condition could easily be resolved by providing a mother in labor with additional oxygen or by taking the infant via c-section when signs of oxygen drops are noticed.

  • Issues caused by jaundice – some infants are born with a yellowish tinge to their skin and eyes. This is often caused by a bilirubin problem, specifically over-production, and must be taken care of immediately to avoid serious brain injury.
  • Cerebral palsy – while there are many potential causes of cerebral palsy some of which occur during pregnancy, during childbirth or even following birth, more than half of all cerebral palsy is believed to be caused by issues during pregnancy. These causes may include hypoxia, birth trauma and the mother’s exposure to radiation. Additionally, it is estimated that upwards of half of all children who develop cerebral palsy are as a result of premature births.
  • Birth related injuries – oftentimes doctors use forceps or vacuum extractors when a mother is facing challenges delivering a baby. These instruments can cause brain injury, spinal cord injuries and other traumatic injuries to a newborn infant which can lead to lifetime problems.
  • Other palsies – brachial palsy can cause a lack of muscle control and may be caused by forceps injuring an infant’s shoulder during the birthing process. Similarly, Erb’s palsy can permanently injure an infant’s arm and is generally a result of the infants arm getting stuck near the pubic bone during delivery.

What options do parents have?

Many birth-related trauma and injuries can impact infants throughout their entire lives and oftentimes result in steep medical bills, the need for round-the-clock care and the need for special equipment to ensure the child’s safety and comfort. The cost of these services can cripple a family and this is one reason why parents often seek the assistance of a Denver Colorado birth injury lawyer to file a medical malpractice claim. Our firm’s role is to prove that accepted standards of care were violated and that these violations led to the birth injury or death. We seek out the most esteemed medical experts to establish and demonstrate how the heartbreaking medical mistake could have been avoided with appropriate attention. Our experience with birth injury cases that can often times be quite complex, can make a difference to you and your family.

Financial liability for medical malpractice

While there are a small percentage of infant birth defects that are not a result of negligence of lack of care, there are often good reasons for parents to blame physicians, mid-wives or other caregivers for their infants pain and suffering. Not only do these injuries impact the infant but in turn, they impact the entire family. Doctors are required to exercise a reasonable level of care and to perform in a manner that protects the health of both mother and infant. When they fail to maintain that level of care, Boesen Law, LLC is here to serve as an advocate for the family.

We understand that the financial consequences of birth injuries and trauma can be devastating. We also understand that you want to provide the best possible care for your infant and to ensure they get the services they require to lead as normal a life as possible. We know without getting the compensation you are entitled to for medical malpractice that the financial burden can be overwhelming.

If you are a new parent and your child is suffering from a traumatic birth injury or is suffering a long-term problem caused by cerebral palsy or any other palsy potentially caused by inappropriate medical care, contact Boesen Law today at (303) 999-9999 for a free consultation. We will be happy to review your case and help ensure you get the compensation you need to provide your child with the care they will need.