Report Claims JUUL Brushed Off Warning Signs About Teens Vaping

Nov 12, 2019
  • Reuters report that has been released shows JUUL ignored evidence that their product was highly addictive to teens.

    JUUL Knew From the Beginning

    According to the report, the company spent months creating a new formula that would allow users to be hooked on the product from the first use. Ideas were even proposed to have the device shut off or be disabled after so many uses for a certain period of time, to limit nicotine intake. However, JUUL never decided to use the feature in the final product design.

    Marketing to Teens

    While the company claims in written responses to questions from Reuters reporters, that they did not intend their marketing to target teens, their marketing tactics tell a different story. Many of their older advertisements featured younger-looking models, and only after controversy and criticism around teens vaping did the company start to move to feature older people promoting their products.

    Harmful to Teenagers

    While cigarettes are blamed for having toxic chemicals other than nicotine, vaping is now bringing nicotine under a major spotlight. Scientists are focusing on how nicotine impacts the brain development of young teenagers. According to the article, research that has been done shows how nicotine can interfere with brain development in young people, reworking the brain to focus on getting another hit of nicotine vs developing impulse control and other pathways that are crucial to proper brain development.

    Injured through using a JUUL Vape Pod?

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