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    Boesen Law is Currently Accepting New Clients for Bard PowerPort Cases Nationwide

    Lawsuits allege those who have the device have suffered injuries from the PowerPort breaking down or moving after implantation. If you had complications from a Bard PowerPort then you may be eligible for compensation. Recent lawsuits against Bard claim the company received multiple adverse event reports (AERs) that highlighted the dangers of their implantable ports, but they failed to adequately warn patients about the potential risks.

    Bard PowerPort Case Update

    June 25, 2024 Update – The Court convened a status conference with the involved parties on May 24, 2024, to discuss ongoing discovery issues. Currently, the parties are maintaining their schedule for producing evidence, aiming to start depositions in August 2024.

    At Boesen Law, our personal injury firm helps thousands of clients every year receive the justice they deserve. This latest case is another example of how Boesen Law is helping victims as their Bard PowerPort lawsuit lawyer. If you are seeking legal help for Bard PowerPort device injuries, please give us a call.  We have the experience and resources necessary to litigate these complex cases and ensure you get the best possible representation.

    Bard PowerPort Overview

    The Bard PowerPort is an implantable port designed to provide repeated access to the vascular system for administering medications, nutrients, and for blood draws. It’s a small device, roughly the size of a quarter, placed under the skin, typically on the chest or arm. This device features a soft silicone top called a septum, through which a special needle can be inserted to access the port.

    The PowerPort is power injectable, meaning it can withstand high-pressure injections, such as those required for contrast dye in CT scans. It is widely used for patients undergoing long-term treatments, such as chemotherapy.

    However, the Bard PowerPort has been associated with various complications, including device fractures, migrations, bloodstream infections, blood clots, and embolisms. There have been numerous lawsuits alleging that these devices are prone to defects that can lead to serious health issues, and a recall was issued in March 2020 for some models due to manufacturing issues.

    Bard PowerPorts gained FDA clearance through the agency’s Premarket Notification 510(k) program. This process permits manufacturers to obtain approval for products that are purportedly similar to existing ones on the market, bypassing the need for clinical studies to confirm their safety and effectiveness.

    What Can You Recover in a Mass Tort?

    The damages owed to you in a mass tort, if the case is settled, will be the same for a personal injury claim. You can get monetary compensation for medical bills, lost wages, permanent disability, pain and suffering, and more. Part of the process of our representation will be to calculate your damages and seek the amount that you need and deserve, which could be much different from what other mass tort plaintiffs have demanded or received.

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    Our personal injury law firm is based in Colorado, but we are currently taking cases from individuals nationwide. To learn more about our history and additional information on how mass tort cases work, you can visit our Mass Tort page.

    When Should You Reach Out to a Bard PowerPort Lawyer?

    Each state has a specific deadline, called the statute of limitations, for initiating lawsuits. If you miss this deadline, you risk forfeiting your right to seek compensation for your injuries. Therefore, it’s crucial to consult with a lawyer promptly after recognizing your injuries.

    Our experienced product liability lawyers will assess how the statute of limitations impacts your situation and strive to file your case within the required timeframe.

    Why choose Boesen Law for your mass tort case?

    Attorney Jon Boesen has personally handled and overseen numerous Mass Tort Claims and Class Actions involving bad and defective pharmaceutical drugs and products, including the representation of over 4,000 claimants nationwide in the Fen-Phen Diet Drug litigation. Mr. Boesen is admitted to practice in Colorado, the U.S. District Court for the District of Colorado, U.S. Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit and the Supreme Court of the United States.

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