Case Results

Boesen Law is dedicated to securing justice and the necessary compensation for our clients and their families if they were injured due to someone else’s negligence. You can trust our law firm for its success in personal injury, premises liability, motor vehicle accidents, and other serious injury claims.

Medical Malpratice

Our client was dealt significant mental and physical injuries by negligent doctor’s during birth, resulting in lifelong permanent disability. In addition, the mother was also hurt significantly, resulting in a joint settlement of $14,800,000 to pay for our clients life long injuries and the mother’s injuries.

Truck Accident

Boesen Law helped our client who was seriously injured during a truck accident in Colorado. 

Motorcycle Accident

We helped our client secure financial compensation after they were injured in a motorcycle accident.

Car Accident

Our client was side-struck on Arapahoe Road by a driver speeding at 90 mph, totaling their vehicle. Despite facing a long recovery process with recurring surgeries and infections, our client has been able to cover medical expenses and focus on recovery thanks to a $1.45 million settlement from Boesen Law. The severity of the injuries initially led to a bleak prognosis, yet the recovery process is ongoing.

Car Accident

Involved in a four-car accident and rear-ended, our client, having prior spinal injuries and signs of a concussion, was hospitalized. Post-accident, our client began therapy for depression and anxiety. A $1.025 million settlement has allowed our client to focus on physical and emotional recovery without financial burden.

Medical Malpractice

Our client was injured during a routine medical procedure, facing high medical expenses. After a complex legal process involving litigation and trial, Boesen Law secured a $1 million settlement for our client to cover the associated costs.

Dumpster Fall

Injured while attempting to retrieve an item from a dumpster, our client suffered a leg injury that required plates, rods, and screws for reconstruction. Prior to securing legal representation, extensive physical therapy was unaffordable. Boesen Law secured an $800,000 settlement, enabling focus on recovery.

Car Accident

After being struck by a reckless driver who ran a stop sign, our client suffered extensive injuries requiring costly treatments and surgeries. Boesen Law facilitated a $770,000 settlement to cover all medical and financial needs, aiding in recovery.

Hit on Bike

While biking across a crosswalk, our client was struck by a car making a left turn, resulting in a leg fracture, a concussion, and other minor injuries. Boesen Law secured a $750,000 settlement to cover all medical bills, allowing our client to focus solely on recovery.

Car Accident

Our client, T-Boned by a driver who ran a red light, was hospitalized with concussion symptoms and significant back and neck pain, including numbness in both feet. Boesen Law secured a $525,000 compensation, also advising on medical consultations to optimize recovery.

Dog Bite

Our client, attacked by a dog while biking, sustained significant ankle injuries. Initially offered a nominal settlement by insurance, Boesen Law successfully negotiated a $500,000 compensation, covering all medical treatments and addressing the permanent scarring.

Slip and Fall

Our client slipped on an unmarked wet floor at a retail location, suffering knee injuries and other fall-related issues. Pursuing legal action through Boesen Law resulted in a $500,000 compensation for injuries sustained.

Medical Malpractice

During a surgical procedure to remove a leg tumor, a nerve block was incorrectly placed, damaging the deep peroneal nerve and resulting in significant mobility loss. Our client, now largely wheelchair-bound, was awarded $500,000 in compensation by Boesen Law.

Motor Vehicle Accident

Rear-ended by an FBI vehicle, our client faced a worsening of prior spinal issues, leading to a required spinal surgery. Despite the initial refusal to cover physical injuries, Boesen Law secured a $475,000 compensation, enabling our client to focus on recovery rather than financial concerns.

Pedestrian Hit

Struck by a car that ran a stop sign while crossing the street, our client was diagnosed with a severe concussion and body pain. Boesen Law assisted in securing a $390,000 compensation for the severe injuries and ensuing medical needs.

Auto Accident

Our client was making a turn when another vehicle pulled out in front, resulting in a collision. Presented to the hospital with severe whiplash symptoms and later reported chronic severe back and neck pain. Boesen Law secured $300,000 in compensation for their injuries.

Slip and Fall

Our client slipped on grease and fell, sustaining injuries to the left side of their body and right knee, along with spinal stenosis causing shooting pains. Boesen Law pursued the case, obtaining $300,000 in compensation for their injuries.

Car Accident

After being T-Boned by a reckless driver running a red light, our client suffered a concussion and significant whiplash, along with overall body pain. Faced with substantial legal expenses, they sought Boesen Law’s representation, resulting in a $300,000 compensation for the incident.

Car Accident

Injured in a high-speed rear-end collision, our client experienced symptoms of concussion, whiplash, and continued significant neck pain with numbness and tingling in their hands. Boesen Law helped secure $275,000 in compensation for their recovery.

Motor Vehicle Accident

T-boned at an intersection, our client suffered whiplash, potential concussion, hip, and back pain. With Boesen Law’s assistance, they received $250,000 in compensation.


While Comcast was making repairs in a crawl space accessible through our client’s closet, they fell, breaking their femur, ribs, and pelvis. Boesen Law secured $250,000 for the family after our client passed away from Alzheimer’s during the case proceedings.

Worker’s Comp

As a roofer, our client fell from a two-story building, sustaining serious injuries including a broken pelvis, a brain bleed, and a broken elbow requiring surgery. Boesen Law secured $243,000 in compensation, covering full medical expenses and providing for future medical needs.