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Car accidents can be a traumatic event. Apart from the immediate physical and emotional toll, victims may continue to suffer repercussions from their collision for many years to come. A Littleton car accident lawyer can help you seek just compensation for your injuries while you focus on your recovery.

What a Littleton Car Accident Lawyer Can Do for You

Your Littleton car accident attorney represents you in negotiations for compensation. He or she will argue for a settlement that covers your damages and injuries. In general, you can expect the following:

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Consultation: you will begin with a free meeting to assess the viability of your case. Not all accidents warrant legal action, and a qualified attorney will guide you on the next steps. You will also use this meeting to determine if you wish to move forward with legal representation.

If your attorney determines you have grounds for a case, the attorney initiates the investigative process, identifying liable parties and gathering evidence demonstrating negligence as the cause of the accident.

Negotiation: your Littleton car accident lawyer will engage in negotiations with the at-fault party’s lawyer or insurance carrier. He or she will suggest a fair amount, which the other party can accept or reject. This process can go back and forth for some time.

Settlement or Trial: if an agreement is reached, the case is settled out of court. Otherwise, your attorney takes the case to civil court for resolution.

Negotiating with Insurance Companies

Your Littleton car accident attorney can also assist in filing a claim and negotiating with insurance adjusters, especially in cases of low settlement offers or suspected bad faith insurance tactics. In many cases, simply bringing a lawyer on board results in significantly higher payouts for claimants.

Types of Damages in Car Accident Cases

Your Littleton car accident lawyer can help you seek damages in two categories: economic (e.g., medical bills, lost wages) and non-economic (e.g., pain and suffering, loss of quality of life). Economic damages are not capped in Colorado, but non-economic ones max out currently at $642,180 (except under compelling evidence, at which point you can seek up to $1,284,370).

When to Hire a Littleton Car Accident Lawyer

Not all car accidents will warrant legal action. In cases where there are no injuries, for example, a simple exchange of insurance information may be all that is needed. In other cases, however, you will want to speak with an attorney. For example:

  • More than one party is involved, or there is a dispute about who is responsible

  • You sustained serious injuries and are incurring medical bills

  • You are seeking compensation for wrongful death of a loved one as a result of the crash

  • The insurance company is engaging in bad faith tactics, such as prolonged wait times, low ball settlement offers, poor communication, and unfair denials.

Can I Sue if I Am Partially At Fault?

Colorado allows individuals to seek compensation following an accident even if they were partially at fault. This is what is known as “comparative negligence.” So long as you are less than 50 percent liable, you can still claim damages. The total amount will be reduced by the amount determined to be your fault. For example, if you stood to claim $50,000 in damages but you were found to be 25% at fault, your amount would be lowered to $37,500.

Cost of Personal Injury Lawyers

Your Littleton car accident attorneys will charge a fee that is contingent upon winning your case. This is a percentage of the final settlement amount. In other words, you will not be charged unless and until your lawyer wins your case for you.

Timeline for Filing a Car Accident Claim

In Colorado, you have three years (four for felony hit and run cases) from the accident date to file a personal injury claim. However, it is recommended that you pursue legal action as quickly as possible after your crash.

Trusted Littleton Car Accident Lawyer

The attorneys at Boesen Law are dedicated to bringing our clients justice. We understand how devastating a serious car accident can be, and we work tirelessly to ensure those at fault pay for their negligence.

Reach out to our law firm for a no-cost, no-obligation consultation today. Call our personal injury lawyers in the state of Colorado at (303) 999-9999 or contact us online.

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