Pockets of methane gas detected near Firestone homes

May 26, 2017
By Boesen Law
  • The Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation shared their findings of the trapped methane pockets on Thursday.

    In a private presentation by the Oak Meadows Homeowners Association, the COCG presented the photo showing areas with methane gas trapped underneath homes as well as red lines marking abandoned flow lines. One of the abandoned gas flow lines diagrammed led directly to the home that exploded on Twilight Avenue.

    To date, the COCG has only released data for two pockets with elevated levels of methane nearby Twilight Avenue, the same block of the fatal home explosion that occurred on April 17th, 2017. It is unclear whether they have only focused on the largest pockets of methane gas in the area of the immediate explosion. Thus far, it appears that the two pockets of methane gas contain a much higher concentration of gas than that of the soil nearby the explosion site.

    The explosion claimed the lives of two innocent homeowners and seriously. injured two others.

    Anadarko Petroleum, the current owners of the nearby wells have installed a real-time leak detection system to monitor the area for the long term. In the meantime, Anadarko has shut down three wells that it owns in the nearby area. They also plan on disconnecting all 1″ return lines from all vertical wells in Colorado.

    These lines contain natural gas that is odorless and typically detectable through a special methane gas detector.

    There are ongoing efforts to extract the vapor from the trapped pockets and soil. There has been no mention of when the area will be safe for its inhabitants again.

    You may learn more about the Firestone home explosion by clicking Here.

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