Allergan Potentially Reaches Settlement over TRT Drug Androderm

Jul 30, 2019
  • Pharmaceutical company Allergan has reached a potential agreement with plaintiffs over issues with their testosterone replacement therapy drug Androderm according to an article written by Elaine Silvestrini of MarketWatch.

    TRT Drug

    The drug is used for a process known as testosterone replacement therapy (or TRT for short). Androderm is a gel product, designed to help men who have low testosterone levels due to certain medical conditions, boost the hormone level in their body. However, the company has been hit with lawsuits claiming that the product causes serious side effects.

    Androderm Effects

    The plaintiffs claim that the drug has caused health issues such as blood clots, heart attacks, and even in some cases: death. According to the lawsuit, about 500 claims could potentially be settled if the agreement is made.

    More Lawsuits Remain

    Other pharmaceutical companies such as AbbVie, and Auxilium Pharmaceuticals also face multiple claims by plaintiffs over the safety of their TRT drugs. AbbVie has also run into trouble with the FTC back in 2014, after it was sued by the commission for using prohibited methods  to block consumers from accessing a lower cost version of their TRT drug Androgel.

    Injured by a Bad Drug?

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