Board of Directors Shakeup at Purdue Pharma

Apr 08, 2019
  • Major changes have occurred with the board of directors for pharmaceutical company Purdue Pharma, who are best known as being the developers behind the powerful prescription drug OxyCotin.

    No More Family Ties

    As of the beginning of 2019, Purdue Pharma no longer has any Sackler family members on its board of directors. According to a statement released to the public by the company included in an article by the Stamford Advocate due to “the (2017) passing of (Purdue co-founder) Dr. Raymond Sackler accelerated that transition, and the board no longer includes any family members.”

    Shift in Approach

    The influence the Sackler family has had over the direction of Purdue Pharma has been significant, as noted by the shocking Reuters report that was released that talked about the company’s aggressive marketing tactics involving OxyCotin (read more about that here). The shakeup of the board illuminates the possibility that the company is looking at a different direction in the face of serious legal action that has been brought against the company.

    Lawsuit Frenzy

    Several states have brought lawsuits against Purdue Pharma stating that their marketing strategy and desire for money despite knowing the risks that their product OxyCotin carried, helped create a national opioid epidemic (read more about the lawsuits here). The company also recently announced a massive settlement with the state of Oklahoma (get more details here).

    Injured by a Pharmaceutical Drug?

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