Boesen Barks with Arti

Apr 16, 2021
  • This week, we have the pleasure of interviewing Arti, our residential bad (but good) boy! Here is what he had to say.

    1. What kind of dog are you?

    I am Arti. I thinks I am a mix of Chow for sure, pure awesomeness, and a bit of a bonehead.

    2. How old are you?

    I am, by man’s law, a year old, but I like to believe I am still 3 months old.

    3. Favorite food?

    Anything and everything meat!! Oh yes, that is the good stuff there!!

    4. Favorite toy?

    The carcasses of any dead animal I find in my land, it’s fun to see mom get grossed out and chase me to take it away from me. It brings me pure joy. Muahahahaha!!!

    5. Do you really enjoy playing with the chickens at home?

    I’m not allowed to be with the chickens because I guess it is not okay to try to bite them.

    6. What is your favorite trick to show everyone?

    My favorite trick is to shake. I find it that mom has trusted me to make business deals, so I make sure to show people that I have a firm solid shake.

    7. If you meet any famous dog, which one would it be?

    Snoop Dog for sure. He seems to me in high places, so I am assuming he is the goodest of them all.

    8. Do you enjoy coming into the office?


    9. What do we, in the office, do that you like the most?


    10. Who is your favorite person?

    I know I should say my mommy, but it’s actually my bestie Christian. This kid is down to do whatever, he is fearless and is only 2-years older than me.

    11. How would you describe your perfect day?

    Every day for me is a perfect day! Naps, snacks, time with my family!

    12. If you had a job, what would it be?

    I would be an Instagram model. Duh! I’m adorable!

    13. Do you think rolling in the dirt makes you smell good?

    Rolling in the dirt is therapeutic. Seeing my mother get so upset that her hard work of getting me clean went to waste brings me so much happiness!

    14. What do you think about when we go out for walks?

    I think about the meaning of life and squirrels and tomatoes.

    15. Last question, Arti. Who’s a good boy!?

    I am! I am the goodest boy!

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