CICP: A Legal Black hole for Injured Vaccine Recipients

Aug 24, 2021
  • If the Government is going to ask us, for the good of society, to take an experimental vaccine . . . and make no mistake, the COVID vaccines ARE experimental . . . it should stand behind us, promptly, and fully, compensating those of us who suffer severe life-threatening, and life-ending, complications from those vaccines.

    According to the CDC’s own data, as of July 30, 2021, there have been 11,632 reported cases in which a person had a severe adverse reaction, and lived; and, another 11,805 reported cases in which the person had a severe adverse reaction and died.

    Each one of those injured persons, or their surviving family members, should be fully and fairly compensated by the Government, but that will NOT happen under the Government’s current “Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program” also known as the CICP.

    The underfunded, and understaffed, CICP, which is only set up to handle 50 claims a year, denying 9 out of 10 of those, is a legal “Black Hole” for people who have suffered severe adverse reactions to COVID-19 vaccinations.

    A bipartisan group of Congressional Representatives has introduced a bill called the “Vaccine Injury Compensation Fund Modernization Act (HR-3655), which would bring COVID-19 vaccine injury claims under the fairer, more transparent, “Vaccine Injury Compensation Program,” the same compensation already used for all other, regularly-administered, vaccines – like the Flu vaccine, and the Measles vaccine.

    Please take a moment to sign this petition to urge Congress to treat COVID-19 vaccine injury victims AT LEAST as well as we, the Boesen Law Firm already treat the victims of other vaccines.

    Petition to Add All Covid 19 Vaccines to the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program