Denver Receiving More Complaints About Icy Sidewalks

Dec 18, 2019
  • Denver inspectors are facing an increased number of complaints involving icy sidewalks, thanks to the rash of recent snowstorms.

    Difficult to Get Around

    An article by Fox 31 Denver reports that Denver’s Community Planning and Development department has received a multitude of complaints of ice still on a lot of north-facing sidewalks. The department has completed well over 1,000 inspections of homes and has had to issue at least 38 tickets as a result of the homeowner’s not complying with city requirements to clear the sidewalk in front of their home, in order for people to move around safely and reduce a slip and fall risk.

    Amanda Weston who works for the department, says their main goal is education and letting people know about keeping their sidewalks clear – not ticketing.

    Upset Denver Residents

    Some Denver residents believe this approach isn’t working and changes should be made to the department’s way of handling this problem.

    Ms.Weston commented saying that a lot of people who are on the receiving end of the complaints are elderly or those with disabilities who are unable to clear the sidewalk themselves. Oftentimes inspectors will assist those people in clearing the sidewalk.

    Communication is Key

    Ms. Weston has said that if you encounter this problem with your own neighbors, try and let them know first directly before going to the department to file a complaint. However, if you still find yourself with an icy path ahead of you, calling 311 to report the issue is still an option.

    Injured in a Slip and Fall?

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