Gas Line Breach Leads to Home Explosion

Apr 04, 2019
  • A ruptured gas line led to a home explosion on Wednesday April 3 in Summit County.

    What led to the gas line rupturing?

    While an investigation is still ongoing, early findings from the fire department indicate that falling ice from the home’s roof may have contributed to a ruptured line, according to an article by CBS News.

    Was anyone in the home at the time?

    Two individuals were in the home at the time, however, they escaped the explosion with only minor injuries even though they were “blown out” of the structure according to investigators.

    Have any other incidents like this happened?

    Not yet, however, fire departments are asking residents to make sure that ice and snow are kept clear from gas meters especially if people live in the mountains. Crews have said that due to the increased late-season snowfall creating dangerous avalanche conditions, they have responded to other incidents of ice/snow breaking off and damaging gas meters.

    Injured in a gas line rupture incident?

    If you or a loved one has been injured in a gas line incident contact our office at tel: to schedule a free consultation and speak with one of our experienced attorneys. Please also visit our practice area page on personal injury here for additional information.