RTD Operator Fired Over Train Derailment

Feb 18, 2019
  • An RTD light rail operator has been terminated after an investigation showed the driver did not take the correct safety precautions which caused a train to derail. As a result, a passenger was ejected from a train car.

    When did the incident occur?

    The incident occurred during a heavier than usual snowstorm on January 28th, which lead to delays in public transportation due to poor weather conditions. The train derailed in Aurora close to the intersection of East Exposition Avenue and South Sable Boulevard.

    What caused the derailment?

    From an article posted on 9News website, RTD released a statement saying that the operator approached a curve near the intersection too fast which caused the derailment. A spokesperson for the RTD commented that the train was traveling at 30 mph and should’ve slowed to 10 mph to safely navigate the track.

    Was the passenger injured?

    While an Aurora Police Department spokesperson was not allowed to comment on the passenger’s injuries, many eyewitnesses said the passenger’s foot was injured. Other passengers on the train were also taken to the hospital with injuries that RTD described as “serious.”

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