Boesen Law did everything that they said they would.

Apr 24, 2024
By Boesen Law
  • I injured myself doing my job about 9 years ago. All the medical bills related to my injury, including continuous pain management, treatments, and medication were paid by my former employer and after 5 years they started to push towards stopping all the maintenance even though the pain from the injury never went away. Last year they notified me that they were going to take it to court for a hearing in front of a judge. I used Google to search for Workman’s Compensation attorneys in my area. Most of the firms that I spoke with were not interested in helping me because the case was old, and my former employer had paid me some money years ago after they took responsibility. It was not financially worth it to most of the law firms. An attorney at Boesen Law who specialized in the type of Work Comp. issue that I had told me to bring everything to him that I had; “Bring a suitcase!” he said, and he would review it at no charge and give me his opinion. That is what I did. That attorney looked it all over and asked me questions for over 3 hours. Based on what he saw, he said he would be able to help me. He spoke with Jon Boesen and came up with a fair way to help me that made sense to me and that I felt good about. It was such a huge relief to find an experienced attorney that was confident and would help me with the legalities. Boesen Law did everything that they said they would. I would recommend Boesen Law to anyone who wants to work with an attorney that is experienced, honest, reputable, and compassionate. The staff is professional and down to earth at the same time. I will call Boesen Law again if I need any kind of legal help, and I would refer then immediately to anyone needing legal help. Thank you, Boesen Law.