I can’t praise Boesen Law enough!

Apr 24, 2024
By Boesen Law
  • I can’t praise Boesen Law enough! They gave me my life back. After a horrible injury under work comp, they didn’t hesitate to thoroughly go through every single one of my medical records despite my medical history being very complex! If there was something in there they didn’t understand, then they did the research and digging to make sure they had a handle on it before they discussed it. It was absolutely amazing! They made sure they understood every single medication I was on and much more!

    They were patient with me and willing to explain each step of the process in a way that I could understand. Camille was so personable in making me feel at home and relaxed despite it being a lengthy and scary situation sometimes. I sometimes would call and email multiple times wondering how things were going and everyone from the receptionist to the lawyers always made sure I knew to never be afraid to call and ask questions.

    I was so thankful and relieved when we were able to settle and not go to court! They did excellent in getting me the max amount of settlement I could get!

    I am forever grateful for Jon, Scott, and Camille!