Use Caution: Slip and Falls in the Snow

Dec 26, 2018
  • Even with the holidays behind us we all still may be dreaming of snow – and not be thinking about the dangers that can occur in these conditions. A slip and fall in snow or ice can cause injuries such as fractures, spine injuries, and even a Traumatic Brain Injury (also known as a TBI).  Here are some tips to keep in mind for when snow rolls into town.

    Be Aware:

    Being aware of your surroundings and keeping an eye out for icy spots (especially black ice) or other spots where you are walking that may become slick from ice or snow. This is important in keeping yourself safe from a slip and fall.

    Take Your Time:

    Taking smaller (and slower) footsteps can help you keep your balance and stay upright when walking in difficult conditions.

    Be Prepared for Conditions:

    Wearing proper shoes can give you the appropriate grip and traction you need when walking on ice or snow.

    Use Resources:

    If there is a handrail or guardrail available, use it to help support your balance when walking.

    Stay Hands Free:

    Keeping your hands out of your pockets when walking can help you re balance yourself if you feel yourself starting to slip.

    If you do fall, and get injured:

    If you or a loved one become injured as a result of a slip and fall, contact our office at  to schedule a free consultation and speak with one of our experienced attorneys. Please also visit our practice area page regarding personal injury here for additional information.