Winter is Coming: Slip and Fall Safety Tips

Dec 09, 2019
  • Fall is upon us (and soon officially Winter) in Colorado, bringing all the snow and cold weather with it. During these months, getting around the state can be tricky. Drivers have to adapt to changing conditions on the roads and budget more time for getting around. Even walking around can present its own set of challenges, especially the possibility of a slip and fall.

    Whether it’s trudging through snow or watching out for that patch of ice on the ground, it’s important to have some tips in mind when you are out and about on foot this time of year.

    1. Take it Slow – Be sure to slow down and make sure you are paying attention to where you are placing your steps.
    2. Wear Appropriate Shoes – Wear shoes that have good traction or that are slip-resistant to help keep you upright.
    3. Keep Your Hands Free – Try to keep items out of your hands as it can impede your balance and your ability to catch yourself.
    4. Take the Easy Way – Try to take the flattest route possible, and avoid curbs that can be built up with snow and ice on them, making them slippery.
    5. Car Support – Be cautious when getting in and out of your vehicle and use it for balance or extra support if you need to.
    6. Be Aware Indoors – Ice and snow are magnets for creating wet floors indoors. Be sure to look out for wet floor signs and walk slowly to help keep your footing.

    Injured in a Slip and Fall or Other Accident?

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