Disability Insurance Attorneys in Denver and Aurora, CO

Our attorneys or the top Denver Disability Insurance Lawyers handle disability insurance benefits claims. These often arise from group coverage at work. Sometimes they involve private, individual insurance policies. Short-term disability (STD) and long-term disability (LTD) benefits are frequently denied by insurance companies. We, the Denver Social Security Disability Lawyer handle the appeals of those denials and pursue litigation as needed to establish the right to disability benefits under insurance policies and employee welfare benefit plans.

It is important to gather evidence about medical impairments and loss of work capacity. Insurance companies often deny Social Security Disability claims by merely indicating that the worker has not furnished “sufficient” information to establish his disability under the policy. Sometimes insurance companies question the impairments from which a worker is suffering. We often see insurance companies raise doubts to delay or put off paying disability benefits.

We, the best Denver Social Security and Disability Insurance Lawyers can help you overcome benefit denials. We can assist you with the submission of employment and healthcare information to seek the reversal of the denial. In some cases, it is necessary to sue the insurance company or the employee welfare benefits plan and overcome inappropriate delays and denials.

Bad Faith Disability Insurance Lawyer Denver

Some cases involve claims for insurance in bad faith. Other cases involve the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) where you can seek benefits, interest, and legal expenses for wrongful denials or the cut-off of benefits.

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