17-Year Old On Life Support As A Result of Vaping

Sep 10, 2019
  • A 17-year-old is currently on life support in Dallas, and her doctors are pointing to vape products as the problem.

    Vaping for Two Years

    According to an article from Fox News, the teen has been vaping for two years as noted by her mother. The teen first started showing symptoms with a fever, however, her condition continued to worsen and she was eventually diagnosed with pneumonia in both of her lungs.

    A Dangerous Alternative

    Vaping is currently being marketed by product developers like JUUL as a healthy alternative to smoking and has captured the attention of teenagers. Unfortunately, the situation above is starting to become all too familiar. The CDC has reported at least 450 cases of illnesses related to using vape products, as they search for the underlying link. One possible reason that health leaders are looking into, is how chemicals/ oils such as Vitamin E acetate interact and can irritate and inflame the lungs after being heated through the vape device.

    Experiencing Lung Issues?

    If you are or know of a loved one experiencing severe lung issues as a result of vaping with JUUL pods or another vaping device, contact our team at  to schedule a free consultation.