Colorado Woman Has Healthy Kidneys Removed

Dec 04, 2018
By Boesen Law
  • An Englewood woman is left wanting answers, after having both of her healthy kidneys removed at the University of Colorado Hospital according to a Problem Solvers investigation at Fox 31 Denver.

    What Happened?

    73-year old Linda Woolley had both of her kidneys removed in May after doctors decided based on test results she “likely had cancer.” However, a biopsy was previously performed in March of this year that showed “no evidence of malignancy…results consistent with a benign process.”

    How is University of Colorado Hospital (UCH) responding?

    A spokeswoman for the hospital eventually sent over a statement to the Problem Solvers team stating that she “did not have any information for [the Problem Solvers team] about this.” Furthermore, the hospital will not even comment on whether Ms. Woolley was a patient who received treatment, even though she is reportedly prepared to sign a patient privacy release form.

    Moving Forward:

    Ms. Woolley is now currently receiving dialysis treatment three times a week and is not yet considered healthy enough to be put on the waiting list for a kidney transplant. Once she is, the average wait time is about seven years and she will be in line with over 95,000 others also waiting for a new organ.

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