Takata Airbags Recalled Due to Defects

Jul 26, 2018
By Boesen Law
  • Takata Airbag Flaws – Which Manufacturers?

    One of the largest automotive recalls in recent history is due to the flawed Takata airbags. These airbags were installed in millions of vehicles by numerous car manufacturers. These manufacturers include BMW, Ford, GM (General Motors), Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Chrysler, Toyota, Daimler Trucks, Honda, and Subaru.

    Why are they being recalled?

    These airbags have been found to allow metal shrapnel and other parts of the airbag to disperse throughout the inside of the vehicle when deployed in an accident. As such, this routinely can lead to cuts and blunt force trauma that can result in severe injury or death. These injuries can be considered personal injury cases.

    Who to Call:

    Our firm is looking into any claim that results in injury or death regarding the Takata recall. We also look at Honda specific airbag claims that can cause injuries that go thorough a different review process. This applies even if the injury that occurs does not seem to be long-lasting or lethal.

    Contact our office at 303-999-9999, 303-835-9342, or via our website to schedule a free consultation, if you or someone you know has been injured as a result of these airbags.